Circus Challenge - Sponsored by Substance and Pixologic

Circus Challenge - Sponsored by Substance and Pixologic

We first launched this challenge back in May 2011. It's time to revisit all the exotic animals, performers and wonder that were created for us all those years ago.

The Brief

The first circus was established in Rome and called Circus Maximus. It was more of an entertainment extravaganza which showcased chariots and exotic animals from around the world, acrobats and jugglers performing for the huge crowds. The Circus of today is even more varied and amazing. We all have our own idea of what a circus is and for some of us great memories can be recalled of past shows, performances or characters. And with that in mind... Roll up! Roll up! The Circus is in town!

Choose a category that best fits your skills - Character Design, Creature Design or Environment Design. Each category has a slightly different brief but the goal is to:

  • push yourself to create a new project
  • complete the project in 30 days
  • share your progress using our Play by Play system
  • challenge yourself to stick to a timeline

Sponsors & Prizes

This contest is proudly supported by Substance and Pixologic.
You can view the full list of prizes right here.

Important Dates

Submissions Open - 1 APR 2019
Submissions Close - 1 MAY 2019
Finalists Announced - 3  MAY 2019
Winners Announced - 20 MAY 2019

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