Alright Rookies', who’s ready to work up a sweat? If you’re in need of the creative equivalent of a light jog around the block, you’re in luck. We’re excited to kick off a new weekly design exercise for the community – Weekly Drills.

Each week we’ll post a new drill prompt with a specific topic or theme - maybe it’s science, furniture, toys or something completely random. The drills are targeted at those with a passion for modeling, texturing, illustration, or pretty much anything in between.

These low-stakes, Weekly Drills aren’t meant to be like our main contests. They are designed to encourage members to exercise their creativity together, using a common prompt, in the hopes of trying new things and becoming better artists. We’ll showcase a handful of submissions on our social media accounts, as well as in a monthly replay blog post.

Our resident US Correspondant Justin Mohlman will be leading the charge and picking a winner each week. Justin will also sit down and give some video feedback about his favourite entries and possible ways to take your drill to the next level.

Follow the link to find out more about Weekly Drills and get your game on!

Weekly Drills Brief 001

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