Winners will walk away with the all-new single-license toolset for 3D rendering and fluid dynamics. Plus, find out how to render with the new V-Ray PLE for Maya.

This year’s award winners at The Rookie Awards can walk away with a staggering 11 products from Chaos Group. How? With the addition of the all-new V-Ray Education Collection to the prizes for 2020, winners will receive access to V-Ray rendering for all industry-leading 3D software packages — as well as the Phoenix FD fluid dynamics system.

Entrants in the following categories can compete for this treasure chest of V-Ray goodies:

  • Rookie of the Year: Visual Effects
  • Rookie of the Year: Architectural Visualization
  • Film of the Year: Visual Effects

Are you ready to enter your best arch-viz and VFX projects? Submit your best work now.

If you’re already using the V-Ray Education Collection, be sure to tag your entries with “V-Ray Education Collection” when submitting.

About the V-Ray Education Collection

If you want to switch your focus from 3ds Max to Maya without having to learn a new render engine, or re-render an old SketchUp project with the power of ray tracing, the V-Ray Education Collection has got you covered. You’ll also see how easy it is to add new levels of realism to your projects with fluid dynamics. With V-Ray Education Collection, you have access to it all.

Here’s a full list of all the Chaos Group products you get within the new V-Ray Education Collection:

  • V-Ray for 3ds Max
  • V-Ray for Maya
  • V-Ray for SketchUp
  • V-Ray for Rhino
  • V-Ray for Revit
  • V-Ray for Modo
  • V-Ray for Unreal
  • V-Ray for Houdini
  • V-Ray for Cinema 4D
  • Phoenix FD for 3ds Max
  • Phoenix FD for Maya

If you don’t win a category in this year’s awards, you can get your own license for the V-Ray Education Collection so you can experiment with new software and level up your skills across multiple platforms. And it’s affordable: The collection offers an 86% saving on buying all the licenses individually. In fact, the V-Ray Education Collection only costs slightly more than a single license.

Find out more about the V-Ray Education Collection

But if you’re not yet ready for the complete collection of V-Ray and Phoenix tools, you can get to know V-Ray — for free — with the new V-Ray PLE for Maya.

About V-Ray PLE for Maya

Built for students and self-taught artists, V-Ray PLE (Personal Learning Edition) for Maya is the ideal way to explore industry-standard photorealistic rendering from Maya at your own pace. This free, non-commercial version of V-Ray includes a full suite of cutting-edge tools to practice and perfect projects for film, 3D animation, design and advertising.

Download V-Ray PLE for Maya

Be sure to check out these free tutorials to get you started on your V-Ray for Maya journey. And enjoy!

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