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Everyone these days seems to be clambering to get their campus based visual effects courses moved across to online portals. This is great news for everyone out there trying to learn new skills, but it also means there are a lot of poor courses crowding the market.

This is why we have put together this series of interview with what we believe are the best online schools in the world to learn visual effects. The best part is, these schools have been around for many years and have strong and well established reputations which means you are in good hands.

What will you learn from these webinars?

Which school offers the best training to meet you budget and goals
We will focus on asking the school founders about its history, curriculum, staff industry connections, student testimonials, student work and fees.

Opportunities in the CGI industry
Hear the schools about what opportunities there are in visual effects and advice for artists wanting to get their big break.

Full breakdown of all courses available online
We will talk about course format, structure, intake dates, fees and more

This series is run for one full week, from Monday June 15th through to Friday June 19th. Each day, the founders of The Rookies sit down and have a chat with these schools with the goal of helping you figure out which school is best for you.

CG Spectrum - Monday June 15 @ 9:00pm (GMT)

CG Spectrum - Monday June 15 @ 9:00pm (GMT)

CG Spectrum is an Online Animation, VFX, Concept Art and Game Design School established to help unleash your full creative potential and launch your career in the film and games industry.

FXPHD - Tuesday June 16 @ 9:00pm (GMT)

FXPHD -  Tuesday June 16 @ 9:00pm (GMT)

fxphd is a monthly subscription-based online vfx, post-production, and motion graphics training program led by professionals. We offer both application and craft-based courses, online discussion forums, and vpn software.

CG Master Academy - Wednesday June 17 @ 9:00pm (GMT)

CG Master Academy - Wednesday June 17 @ 9:00pm (GMT)

CGMA was created for everyone: from 2D and 3D artists looking to supplement their college studies to industry professionals looking to stay up to date on emerging trends and techniques in the field. CGMA offers a wealth of creative opportunities for artists of all types and all levels.

Think Tank Training Centre - June 18 @ 9:00pm (GMT)

Think Tank Training Centre - June 18 @ 9:00pm (GMT)

Founded in 2005 in Vancouver BC, Think Tank Training Centre specializes in the latest software, techniques and technologies used by 3D artists working in the film, television and video game industries.

Mozaik Play - Friday June 19 @ 9:00pm (GMT)

Mozaik Play -  Friday June 19 @ 9:00pm (GMT)

Mozaik Play was born out of the passion to empower people to pursue a career in the creative industries. Founder, Gabriel Providel, launched the platform in November 2016. Our head office is based out of Sydney, Australia.

Webinar Speakers

Don't miss this chance to hear from founders of some of the best schools in the world that offer training to visual effects artists.

Nick Fredin
Nick Fredin loves animation. He has worked all over the world at studios such as Iloura, ILM and Weta Digital in New Zealand.

Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson has been teaching computer animation for more than 12 years. Scott took spent the 8 years animating and supervising at Mainframe Entertainment.

John Montgomery
Co-founder of fxguide & fxphd. My vfx/production related feed. For random musings of a non-vfx nature follow me on twitter.

Gabriel Providel
An experienced senior executive with a strong track record in leading education, digital creative and technology businesses. Successful in leading global teams across the world.

Manny Fragelus
Founder of Online Digital Arts School (CG Master Academy) and previously a 3D Supervisor at Dreamworks Animation.

Andrew McDonald
Andrew is the co-founder of The Rookies has been working in the visual effects industry since 2002. Most recently he was a CG Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic.

Alwyn Hunt
Alwyn has a background in fine arts and has worked at Sony Imageworks, The Moving Picture Company, Double Negative, Animal Logic, and Weta Digital.

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