BREAKING — The Rookie Awards 2020 received 3,769 entries from aspiring digital artists around the world. Finalists will now battle for Rookie of the Year, Game of the Year, and Film of the Year titles. There are also Studio Internships up for grabs at leading production companies that will help launch these amazing artists' careers.

The finalists represent the very best entries selected by the judging panel which include some of the most influential and respected experts in their creative and technical fields.

The finalists have been selected by scoring each student based on criteria including creative skills, technical skills, presentation, variety of skills, complexity, raw talent, and employment potential. As always, the results have been extremely close with only a few points difference between the majority of nominees.

As always, a special shout out to our incredible list of sponsors. Trust us when we say that this event and these opportunities would not be possible without their support. We are fortunate to have two major sponsors this year - Autodesk and Unreal Engine. It means the world to us that they continue to support the Rookie Awards after all these years and help our industries as a whole.

To all our other sponsors, your support means no less and we are honored to have your support again this year. Thank you! Adobe, Pixologic, Substance, Chaos Group, Foundry, Maxon, SideFX, Unity, Wacom, Weta Digital, 3D World, Axis Studios, BINYAN, Crater Studios, Epic Games, Flipped Normals, Flying Bark, Lightfield, Model Farm, Ninja Theory, Outpost VFX, Rig-it, Sini Software, Sketchfab, Toon Boom, Unbnd, Ziva.

Please follow the links below to view the finalists for each of the following categories:

Rookie of the Year - Finalists

2D Animation, 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Concept Art, Game Development, Immersive Media, 3D Motion Graphics, Product Design, Architectural Visualisation.

Film of the Year - Finalists

2D Animation, 3D Animation, Visual Effects.

Game of the Year - Finalists

Immersive Media, Mobile, PC & Console

Studio Internships - Finalists

Weta Digital, Epic Games, Lightfield, Ninja Theory, BVN REAL, Unbnd, Outpost VFX(Canada), Outpost VFX (United Kingdom), Crater Studio, Binyan Studios.

Specialty - Finalists

Young Guns, *School of the Year

*Winners of this category are calculated based on the performance of entries submitted to Rookie of the Year Categories. These results will be announced August, 2020.

What happens now?

The judging panel gets straight back into it and now nominates their Top 5 selections for each of the categories. We use this information to select category winners.

The general public can also get involved now by voting for their favourite entries. Simply visit the entry pages for finalists and click the 'Vote for People's Choice" button. The entries with the highest share count will win.

Winner will be announced July 16, 2020 so make sure to check back soon.

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