The students of the Master of Animation and Visualisation at the University of
Technology Sydney do more than just produce award-winning 3D animated
films. Each year they also develop creative project ideas using emerging
visualisation technologies. From the seven pitches this year, the project that
was selected to be taken into production was an immersive virtual reality (VR)
experience based on the works of the Japanese artist Utagawa Hiroshige.

This interactive VR exploration invites the participant to become part of the serene
and atmospheric world of Hiroshige’s delicate and moving artworks. But more than just being a passive viewer, the player uses hand gestures to interact with the
people, animals and objects from Hiroshige’s famous woodblock prints, offering a
much deeper engagement with the artist’s work and the Ukiyo-e period of Japanese art.

The UTS Animal Logic Academy students originally developed this concept in a
small team, where players were able to step into different famous paintings in VR,
each matched to the style of the original artworks using style-transfer technology.

Although this prototype explores the works of Hiroshige, the project can be
expanded to include other works by other artists and genres, in a truly immersive
journey through the history of art.

It was the game development, coding and computer science students who were key
to the execution of this project. In fact, with the current growth in the animation and visualisation industries, there is more demand than ever for technical directors who can lead the IT aspects of creative projects. Students with backgrounds in information technology, games development and programming who are interested in working in the creative industries, can build careers as technical directors for animation projects and/or programmers, coders and technical leads for virtual, augmented and real-time productions.

Each year the UTS Animal Logic Academy are looking for technical applicants to fill roles in their creative team of Masters students, to develop and execute the high- end, professional level animation and visualisation productions.

If you have completed undergraduate studies in computer science, information
technology, games development, programming and coding or other areas of IT, and are interested to learn how you can apply your knowledge and skills to creative
projects, visit the UTS Animal Logic Academy website:

Or book a call with one of our studio leads to find out more about technical roles in the creative industries:[email protected]/bookings/

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