Rebelway FX Challenge Finalists Announced

Rebelway FX Challenge Finalists Announced

For this challenge you were were given the task of creating your own unique take on a battle for the ages by adding in you own VFX to make the scene pop.

The team at Rebelway provided some amazing assets for this challenge an the judges were looking for attention to detail, execution, and (most importantly) a ‘WOW!’ factor that left them speechless... and there plenty of them!

Everyone that entered and completed the challenge should be extremely proud of themselves, the judges were blown away.

I really cannot get over some of the phenomenal work that’s been presented! They’ll be running rings around us “oldies” in no time!

There are a total of 9 finalists and it was (extremely) hard to narrow it down.

Use the link below to check if you made the cut:

Finalists | Rebelway FX Challenge | FX
With over $13,000 worth of prizes up for grabs what’s not to like about this challenge! We are really excited to bring this first ever FX contest to our community in partnership with Rebelway. The team at Rebelway have provided some amazing assets and resources to help meet the contest brief.

Congratulations to everyone who entered the contest. Winners will be announced May 1st so check back soon for the results.

Special thanks to all our sponsors Rebelway, Wacom, SideFX, Puget System and Grid Markets for making this challenge a great success.

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