In what was one of the toughest contests to judge that we've ever had, we are pleased to announce the official winners of the Rebelway FX challenge.

Winner - Jonny Fanny

Can everyone give a HUGE round of applause to Jonny Fanny for his winning entry called Wreck Havoc. Jonny was consistent with his updates and showed that he was organised from the outset. All our industry judges were impressed with the quality of the final render and range of FXs used.

This is the first time that I have attempted a project of this magnitude. I was nervous at first about taking on the challenge, but the encouragement from my friends definitely made me face my fears and give my all.

Jonny will be receiving a custom VFX workstation from Puget Systems, a license of Houdini from SideFX, a Wacom tablet and 2 x Rebelway courses of his choice.

Runner Up - Daniel Ha

Runner up was a 17 year old by the name of Daniel Ha. I'm sure you would agree that this kid is going places if he's able to achieve results like this already!

Congratulations Daniel! There is a NVIDIA RTX 3080 graphics card and a Houdini license on it's way.

See the journey Daniel went on to get to his final render.

Highly Commended - Steve Green

Everyone that entered and completed the challenge should be extremely proud of themselves, the judges were blown away.

I really cannot get over some of the phenomenal work that’s been presented! They’ll be running rings around us “oldies” in no time!

Congratulations to everyone who entered the contest and we look forward to our next FX challenge.

Special thanks to all our sponsors Rebelway, Wacom, SideFX, Puget System and Grid Markets for making this challenge a great success.

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