Concept Artists have the rewarding task of essentially turning a client or Art Director's vision into a schematic for other artists and designers to interpret. The Concept Artist is the first to draw sketches of what the final product will look like. Being able to bring those 2D designs to life in 3D, makes a concept design even more powerful.

In this article we look at how you can speed up your concept design workflow using Kitbash assets in ZBrush, without sacrificing on quality, thanks to Nvidia's groundbreaking hardware.

When a project is in an early concept phase, a Concept Artist will find they have very little time to turnaround a design. Having the right hardware to meet those tight deadlines with speed is integral. Enter NVIDIA GPUs. RTX Studio laptops and desktops, similar to the set up Mark Chang has in this video, are purpose-built for creators.

NVIDIA GPUs provide the best performance for video editing, 3D animation, graphic design, and photography.

The next most important thing, is to work smart. Kitbashing is process a whereby a new scale model is created with assets that come in commercial kits.

Mark Chang's go to sites are:

Using this practice ultimately allows Artists to reach their goal by producing a variety of concepts in a shorter amount of time, and thus expanding the possibilities of a project's end product.

Watch the full video below for more tips on speeding up your concept design workflow.

Learn more about NVIDIA Studio here.

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