For this challenge entrants were asked to create a real-time environment render. The environment had to include different types of vegetation and plant life and most importantly had to evoke wonder, disbelief and emotions.

A massive congratulations to everyone that entered and it was a tough decision for our judges to agree on the final winners, but here they are:


Congratulation to Arnaud Claudet for his winning entry!

Arnaud's entry was the complete package, with regular updates and a very well presented final video showcasing all his hard work, in it's full glory.

Following along with this challenge was so much fun to watch the projects evolve and see the quality of artistry coming from the skillset of these Rookies was mind blowing.
Jacob Norris - Lead Environment Artist

Arnaud will be receiving the following prizes:

  • 1 x Feedback Session with Epic Games Art Director
  • 1 x Nvidia Graphics Card RTX 2080Ti
  • 1 x Experience Points Merch
  • 1 x Houdini Core
  • 1 x 12-month Subscription to Toolbag 4
  • 1 x 12-month Creative Cloud Subscription
  • 1 x Rookies Merch
  • 1 x Substance Indie licence

Runner Up

Congratulations to Klein Geo for being selected as the runner up for this challenge. Great job and well executed.

Klein will be receiving the following prizes:

  • 1 x 12-month Creative Cloud Subscription
  • 1 x 2yr Houdini Rental Indie License
  • 1 x Substance Indie License
  • 1 x 6-month Subscription to Toolbag 4
  • 1 x Rookies Merch
  • 1 x Experience Points Merch
It was fantastic to see so much great work from students and new artists!
Jacob Kryca - Hard Surface Artist

Highly Commended

Congratulations to Edouard Boudet for coming in 3rd!

Edouard will be receiving the following prize:

  • 1yr x Rental Houdini Indie License

See the full list of winners and honorable mentions:

World of Real-time Discoveries | Environment
Discovering new worlds with their own life, creatures and biomes has always been something spectacular for the imagination and the adventurous spirit. Whether in movies or in video games, exploring these places is always something exciting and thrilling for the viewer.

Special thanks to all our sponsors Substance by Adobe, Epic Games, Experience Points, Marmoset and NVIDIA Studios for making this challenge a great success.

Also, a special mention to all the judges for taking time out of the busy work schedules to review and judge all the entrants.

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