The Creative Starter Kit Giveaway winner for 2021 is...

The Creative Starter Kit Giveaway winner for 2021 is...

We received loads of instagram post of people sharing their entries. These were dumped into a Google Spreadsheet where a random entry was chosen. That incredibly lucky winner is:

To celebrate the launch of the 11th Annual Rookie Awards, and all the support we've received over the years, we decided to give away another Creative Starter Kit to help someone take their creative skills to the next level.

To be entered into this random giveaway, all you needed to was:

  • upload an entry to Rookie Awards 2021
  • share your entry on Instagram and include a few tags

We received loads of posts from people sharing their entries. We exported these and dumped them into a Google Spreadsheet where we used a good old RANDBETWEEN function to select a random row. That incredibly lucky winner is:

Silke Van Der Smissen

Congratulations Silke! Our team will be in touch with you shortly via email and Instagram DM.

Portfolio of Silke Van Der Smissen
When I was younger, one of my favorite things to do when I got home from school was play Crash Bandicoot on our PS1 with my sister and my dad. We’d each take turns and pass around the controller. From there my love for videogames grew. I’ve always been really interested in art as well. After studyin…

This is the MASSIVE list of goodies that is coming your way. The Ultimate Creative Starter Kit includes:

Thanks to everyone that entered the random giveaway. Most importantly, thanks to the incredible sponsored that helped us create such an epic prize.

Want to win more prizes? Make sure to follow our social media channels. We have some really exciting contests coming your way soon. Until then, keep creating!