Insider's Guide - ESMA

Insider's Guide - ESMA

Whether you’re already at school, looking to find a new school or even considering moving overseas to study, nothing beats hearing from the students themselves! We speak to Lucas Ferrer about the ins and outs of studying at ESMA which has campuses in Montpellier, Toulouse, Lyon, Nantes and Montreal.

Whether you’re already at school, looking to find a new school or even considering moving overseas to study, nothing beats hearing from the students themselves! We speak to Lucas Ferrer about the ins and outs of studying at ESMA which has campuses in Montpellier, Toulouse, Lyon, Nantes and Montreal.

ESMA CG School is a higher education institution located in Montpellier, Toulouse, Nante, Lyon and Montreal, with more than 25 years of experience.

The Specifics

What’s the name of your school?

The name of the school is ESMA, which stands for École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques, which in English translates to Superior School of Artistic Works.

What’s the name of the neighbourhood?

The name of the neighbourhood where the school is located is a former military site which is now being transformed into a Cité Créative (Creative City), a vibrant and creative neighborhood.

Closest train station or public transport option?

The two closest bus station near the school is “Lepic” and “Gouara”.

How long have you been there?

I've been there for 4 years now.

Why did you choose to study here?

I've chosen to study there because from a very young age I've been fascinated by the world of 3D in general, whether through video games or films. In addition, having grown up in a town next door and knowing the very good reputation of the school, my choice was immediately directed towards ESMA.

You’re learning a wide range of skills and software. What subjects or tools are you enjoying the most so far?

I particularly love 3D Animation and 3D Sculpting. I’ve been using Autodesk Maya since my first day so it became one of my favourite software and I started to use Zbrush last year, which is kind of hard to learn at the beginning but when you get to know it a bit better it becomes a really powerful and enjoyable tool to use.

Still Life: Arcade Room by Lucas Ferrer. Wireframe. 
Still Life: Arcade Room by Lucas Ferrer. Final Render. 

What advice do you have for students thinking of studying for your degree?

These are complex studies that require a lot of investment, but if it is a passion and they do not give up, the reward is worth it.

How would you describe the school community?

At first I thought it would be a little complicated because students tended to be a little too competitive and did not help each other much. But the administration and teachers were able to be present and reminded us of the importance of helping each other. And finally, even if some attitudes sometimes remain selfish by some, most students help each other so that everyone succeeds in the end.

The Scene

The first thing you see when you walk outside your school?

The first things I see when I walk out of the school are fresh planted trees and mostly abandoned buildings but with very beautiful architecture. The EAI district was a former military infantry site and the city is currently in the process of constructing and conserving every building, giving this neighbourhood a revitalisation.

The closest shop to outside your school is:

At the moment there are not many, in the area there are several small brasseries where you can have lunch or there is a supermarket a few hundred meters away where you can do your shopping. Despite everything, I understood that with the development of the district, stores were going to be built a few steps from the school, so that is good news!

Your school is great, but you wouldn't mind a bit less:

I wouldn't mind if there were fewer students, I mean it's good to be able to see new faces but I feel like I could never get to know everyone!

The unofficial uniform of your school is:

The student office designed and produced sweaters bearing the name of the school as well as an illustration on the front and back made up of several colours; I think that's the unofficial uniform.

A mandatory stop for anyone new to your city:

I think that the Place of Comedy remains a must for anyone who comes to visit Montpellier. But as we are by the sea, you can also go to the beach, where you can breathe the fresh air of the sea.

FurBall : Crackito by Lucas Ferrer

A common myth about your school is:

To be quite honest with you, there are none, and if there’s one I’ve never heard of it.

A massive night out for students at your school is likely to be:

The student residence is just above the school and access to a terrace so students meet up there to drink, chat, and laugh.

You won’t find a better place to eat than at:

There is no better place to eat than on the terrace, or on Nikki Saint Phalle Square, right in front of the school. Otherwise, the school has built a very spacious and comfortable cafeteria where groups can settle and eat in particularly enjoyable sofas and armchairs.

The strangest thing you’ve ever seen at your school is:

The strangest thing I've seen at school are people eating in the lobby in motion capture outfits. I knew outfits and motion capture but I had never seen them in real life before!

Why do you take part in challenges? What have you learned as a result of participating in activities above and beyond your coursework?

I participated in the Rookie Awards because I wanted to know my level from a point of view outside the school and also to be able to compare my work with that of other artists. This allowed me to understand some mistakes but also motivated me to improve to provide better quality work.

What personal projects are you working on at the moment? How do you stay motivated?

I recently worked on a short movie with some classmates. I was in charge of the animation and the character sculpting. Projects like that are quite exhausting but they really give you the feeling of being a part of something bigger. That’s what makes me stay motivated.

IFA : Le Bistrot by Lucas Ferrer.

One thing you’d never change about your school is:

I’d never change the last year of study because it really introduces us to production and it's probably the only time we can write and make our own film.

But one thing you wouldn’t mind seeing changed is:

The number of students, because once again, fewer students means a little more intimate and therefore that we can get to know each other a little more.

Someone gives you $1M to pimp out your school. You use it to:

The school is brand new so there’s not a lot to do actually. I would probably buy more vending machines to place everywhere.

Where do you see yourself after graduation?

It's hard to say at the moment, but if I had the opportunity to choose exactly where I will be after my studies, I would like to go to Canada. In any case, I like the atmosphere of what I can see and I would like to discover a little more about this landscape and this life.

Lucas Ferrer is a 3rd-year student at ESMA 🦾 Animation/Sculpting ✍🏼⎪Seeking internship opportunities.

You can find more of Lucas' work via is Website.