Inside ARTFX: Top International School of VFX, Cinema and Animation Opens a Brand New Campus

Inside ARTFX: Top International School of VFX, Cinema and Animation Opens a Brand New Campus

ArtFX, a top International School of VFX, Cinema and Animation, is opening a brand new campus you will want to study at.

The 1st French school to provide training in VFX, ARTFX was founded in 2004 by a team of enthusiasts. The management and teaching teams, made up of professionals from the film, visual effects, animation and video game industries, maintain special relationships with studios and understand their needs perfectly.

ARTFX is one of the only schools that is still independent, as it doesn’t belong to any private educational group, and is considered one of the top international schools of VFX, Cinema and Animation.

About school

It is no surprise ARTFX is considered on of the top international schools for VFX, Cinema and Animation. In 2021, ARTFX was recognised by The Rookies as the number one school for special effects and animation (for the 3rd year in a row) in the “production excellence” category, which recognises the quality of team-based graduation projects.  ARTFX offers an innovative pedagogical program with a strong emphasis on teamwork, so there is no wonder their students excel in this category.

More than 500 schools from around 100 countries submit their students’ work to a panel of 150 industry professionals for inclusion in this prestigious ranking that comes from entering the Rookie Awards. Here is some of the amazing work already submitted for the Rookie Awards this year:

A brand new campus

Beginning September 2023, the brand new ARTFX campus will be able to accommodate and train up to 600 students in VFX, 2D & 3D Animation, and Video Games.

I really like the flexibility of the school and the fact that they really listen and understand us if we have any concern. They are really open to changes regarding the courses and the organisation of the workshops. 3D Animation student, Elise Bourgeois

The new campus is located in the city of Roubaix (Lille) at La Plaine Images, a central Technology Hub dedicated to the creative industries.

The school is 6000 m2 and includes shooting studios (400 m2), 1 amphitheater, 1 cinema room and apartments to accomodate 500 students.

The new campus is a short travel time to Paris, UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany. Learn more about the grand opening here.

I really like the diversity of the workshops offered within the courses at ArtFX. We leave ArtFX as generalists in a way, knowing so many aspects of the stream we have chosen. The school also has many contacts with studios around the world, which is helpful as we look to get a start in our careers. CG/VFX student, Loïc Ciaux

Supporting young talent

This year, ARTFX is supporting the Rookie Awards in the Young Guns category.

This is a category open specifically for young artists aged 13-17 from around the world to showcase their passion and amazing skills.

ARTFX is offering 2 hours of portfolio review & artistic guidance with one of ARTFX’s professional artists/professors. If the student is admitted to ARTFX during the 2023-24 application period, they will also have their registration fees waived (a value of up to 850 euros).

GREEN is a graduation short film realised by ArtFX students : Arielle Cohen, Louis Florean, Théo Fratissier, Camille Poiriez and Eloise Thibaut

This is an amazing opportunity for budding artists to get their work seen, and to make connections with their peers and industry professionals.

What do you have to lose? Submit your entries before June 1st 2022.