Student Access to Houdini Education

Student Access to Houdini Education

If you are a student and looking to hone your craft using Houdini, the good news is that you now have access to Houdini Education. Read on to learn how to get started.

Main image courtesy Yue Hong | Digital Creature | Sheridan College

Houdini has been powering jaw-dropping visual effects for film, TV, games, and commercials even before we started our own careers in VFX and Animation, so, it's no surprise that SideFX have raised the stakes since then, and have been empowering an even younger generation of artists. If you are a student, you now have access to Houdini Education. If are you looking to hone your craft using Houdini, this article is for you.

SideFX is pleased to announce that students now have direct access to rent Houdini Education for personal use. Until now, students could use the FREE Houdini Apprentice at home then use Houdini Education in a school lab. Now students can rent Houdini Education for $75 USD per year.

Access to this license lets students avoid the Apprentice restrictions while working with the same file formats that are used in school labs. This license is non-commercial and is designed for students completing independent educational coursework and exploration.

Access to Houdini Education is available to all students, even if your school doesn’t currently teach Houdini.

With this change, many more students have the opportunity to learn Houdini and benefit from the Education license’s extended capabilities.

If you're thinking creative with Houdini, here is a bit of inspiration from Rookie Awards entrants that might just give you that extra motivation:

Battle of Crait - By Roberto Denches
Reel by Marc Mesa

Learn more about renting Houdini Education licenses here.