Presenting the Winners for Rookie Awards 2022

Presenting the Winners for Rookie Awards 2022

BREAKING — The Rookies today announced the winners for the Rookie Awards 2022 - the world's most prestigious competition for aspiring design and media entertainment artists.

Cover art from Umiko

BREAKING — The Rookies today announced the winners for the Rookie Awards 2022 - the world's most prestigious competition for aspiring design and media entertainment artists.

Rookie Awards 2022 received over 4,400 entries from aspiring digital artists around the world. The winners represent the very best aspiring digital artists as selected by the judging panel which include some of the most influential and respected experts in their creative and technical fields.

The battle for the trophies is on!

The winners have been selected by scoring each entrant based on criteria including creative skills, technical skills, presentation, variety of skills, complexity, raw talent, and employment potential. As always, the results have been extremely close with only a few points difference between the majority of nominees.

“It always seems so cliche to keep saying the quality of entries is better each year, but it's happened again. The quality of work submitted to the contest is truly inspiring” said The Rookies co-founder Andrew McDonald.

Most popular entries for Rookie Awards 2022

Please follow the links below to view the winners for each of the following categories:

Rookie of the Year - Winners

2D Animation, 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Concept Art, Game Development, Immersive Media, Motion Graphics, Product Design, Architectural Visualisation, Virtual Fashion.

Film of the Year - Winners

2D Animation, 3D Animation, Visual Effects.

Game of the Year - Winners

Immersive Media, Mobile, PC & Console

Career Opportunities - Winners

Wētā FX, DNEG, Ninja Theory, Kilograph, INDG, That's No Moon, Outpost VFX, GRAPH, BVN REAL, ON Animation Studio, IO Interactive, 2G Studio, Unsigned Studio, beloFX, realworld one.

Specialty - Winners

Young Guns

Thank you to our Sponsors

As always, a special shout out to our incredible list of sponsors. Trust us when we say that this event and these opportunities would not be possible without their support. We are fortunate to have three major sponsors this year - Autodesk, Unreal Engine, and Lenovo. It means the world to us that they continue to support the Rookie Awards after all these years, and are so passionate about helping creative industries grow.

To all our other sponsors, your support means no less, and we are honored to have you joining us again this year. Thank you Adobe, SideFX, Teradici, Chaos, Dell Technologies, Epic Games, Foundry, GridMarkets, Marmoset, Marvelous Designer, Maxon, NVIDIA, Ninja Theory, Wacom, Wētā FX, 2G Studio, 3D World, BVN, Crystal Dynamics, DNEG, Dr.Reel, Flipped Normals, GRAPH, INDG, IO Interactive, Kilograph, On Animation Studio, Outpost VFX, Sini Software, That's No Moon, Unity, Unsigned Studio, beloFX, realworld one.

Thank you to our Judges

We simply couldn't run the Rookie Awards without the help of our amazing Judges. A staggering 35,112 judgements were submitted by the team to help us select the overall winners. Please help us in thanking the Judges for this huge effort, and for their continued support.

Here are a few comments from the judges:

"A phenomenal selection of games this year. My top picks demonstrate great art, design and gameplay in equal measure. It's hard to believe that some of these are developed by students!" - Mark Flanagan.

"Loved being a part of the judging process. There is so much optimism and inspiration with the entries." - Sam Anderson

"Privileged to be involved & a high standard of submission - Great to see this strong talent coming through & getting showcased in these Awards" - Vic Wade

"As always the level of quality in the submissions as blown me away! Great work from everyone involved, looking forward to the next year :)" - Manuel Rivoir

"How is it possible that the work keeps getting better every year?! What an incredible group of rising stars... There is no shortage of talent flooding the industry and the Rookie Awards are doing an excellent job kick-starting their careers. Cheers to that!" - Duarte Elvas

"It's very cool to see the amazing skills and talent from these artists. Any one of these artists would be welcome on my teams. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the process." - Tamara Stone

"It's always a pleasure to see what's coming next in our industry! Looking forward to recruiting some of them in my team!" - Stephanie Dube

"Thank you for the opportunity to be on the judging panel this year. It was really great to see such a broad range of skill set and talent from all over the world." - Sheen Yap

"Thank you again to 'The Rookies' for organizing another exceptional year! The talent and quality of the work we have the pleasure of judging each year continues to improve. It makes judging that much more challenging!" - Chris Downs

"I've seen so many amazing entries this year! It was super inspiring, the future is bright with so many talented young artists. I cannot wait so see more from them!" - Saby Menyhei

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