Product Review: GAOMON M1220 Pen Tablet

Product Review: GAOMON M1220 Pen Tablet

Looking to buy an entry-level pen tablet to improve your digital art? This might just be the product you've been waiting for.

A question we get asked all the time is "What is a good entry-level tablet to buy?". There are so many options out there to choose from, and admittedly, the price and performance can vary quite a lot. We'd heard a lot about the Gaomon M1220, so we reached out to Gaomon and asked to run one of them through it's paces.

GAOMON M1220 Overview

The tablet has a 12 inch pen, and weighs just over 500g making it the perfect option for your office, or do drop in your bag on your way out. The tablet has an overall dimension of 341 x 213 x 7.6 mm, which is small, but more than enough to get creative.

Unboxing Video

Below is a quick video I recorded showing what you get in the box. As usual, the packaging is really nicely presented, and there are even a few unexpected surprises thrown in which is a nice touch.

Here are some photos of the M1220 tablet in all its glory. First impressions are really good. The tablet feels solid, which seems contradictory because it's so light.  The size is perfect for anything you could throw at it, and it even comes with a travel sleeve so you can get creative outside the office.

Build Quality & Design

When you first pickup the tablet, it feels really smooth and comfortable to hold. Visually it looks really cool too. The main working area has a matrix of dots reflecting colour gradients. To the left is a big radial menu button and array of buttons.

Across the top you'll also find 13 function keys which gives you quick access to common functions like playing music, taking screenshots, and switching programs.

The stylus impressed me. At first I was a little worried because it felt quite light, but it's super strong and the from initial tests, the sensitivity of the nib and the firmness of the main button is as good as any I've used before.

Bonus points to Gaomon for the slick little felt stylus pouch. Not only can you throw this is your bag, and actually find it again, but it even looks good on your desk.

In terms of the 8 sidebar buttons (which really help speed up workflows), I actually felt they were a little bit flimsy. They work fine, but if I had to choose something to improve, it would be these.

Setup and Configuration

I didn't have any dramas setting up the M1220. Literally downloaded the latest drivers from the GAOMON website, plugged the tablet into the computer, configured the tablet, and I was off and scribbling.

By default the M1220 comes with a Type-C cable, but they throw in a small USB adapter to help increase compatibility.

I didn't have access to an Android phone, but the idea of hooking the tablet up to one is something I'd love to play with.

Performance and Precision

The precision of the stylus is on par with other tablets I've used. It comes with the standard 8192 Levels of pressure sensitivity and a ±60° tilt on the nib. With this in mind, there is no issue with any type of creative work that you will throw at this tablet.

Bonus Features

If you watched the unboxing video, you will have noticed that the M1220 comes with a texture sheet that is called "mechanic cat". The back of the sheet has sticky strips that can secure it over the front of the tablet. At first I thought this was a little gimmicky, but I've left mine on now as I like the look and feel of it, and it always gets people picking it up.

Another nice little additional "gift" that comes with the M1220 is a mouse pad. But this isn't just any mousepad, it's a complete shortcut guide to Photoshop. Perfect for anyone trying to master this software.


You can purchase the GAOMON M1220 for only US$89.99.

This is crazy good for what you get, and I will definitely be recommending this tablet to digital artists looking to level up and purchase their first tablet.

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Final Verdict

This is my second GAOMON product review to date, and I've got to say they have impressed me again. Gone are the days of this market being dominated by one company.


  • Great build quality and precision
  • Price
  • Travel bag and felt sleeve


  • Sidebar buttons a little flimsy

If you are looking for an entry-level tablet that will help you take your 2D and 3D skills to the next level, this is arguably one of the best investments you could make.

Overall Score

I'm happy to award this a rating of 4.5/5!

Special thanks to GAOMON for allowing me to conduct this product review. Make sure to follow them on social media and keep updated with their latest products. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.