KitBash3D: Inspiring Creators of the Virtual Frontier With Their Biggest Sale of the Year

KitBash3D: Inspiring Creators of the Virtual Frontier With Their Biggest Sale of the Year

With KitBash3D's premium 3D asset Kits, the possibilities to build your own worlds are endless. From now until Dec. 6th, their entire store is 50% off - get creating!

It’s KitBash3D’s biggest sale of the year – their entire store of premium 3D assets is 50% off from now until Dec. 6th! Whether you're creating an immersive world in a movie or video game, or you're putting the final touches on your portfolio – their library has got you covered!

KitBash3D is on a mission to enable and inspire creators of the virtual frontier. Their fully customizable Kits have been the building blocks of hundreds of projects for companies like Marvel, Netflix, Warner Bros, HBO, EA, Ubisoft, Naughty Dog and 2K Games. But what’s so cool is that those same asset Kits are also available to you and thousands of independent artists around the world making their own movies and games!

With premium 3D asset Kits like Neo San Francisco, Americana, Warzone, and Utopia, the possibilities to build your world are endless. 2022 also saw the release of some of their greatest Kits to date. From setting the scene for a rancher's gunslinging tale of revenge with Outlaw to building out sci-fi city models perfect for any techno dystopia with CyberPunk and Cyber District, it was a banner year for new Kits on their store.

Once you’re ready to build your world, KitBash has created free educational courses designed to teach you how to build your first world in Unreal Engine 5 or Blender as part of the Mission to Minerva community art challenge. Check out the video about how you can get involved!

The mission is simple: build a galaxy. Creators who build a space settlement with the Mission to Minerva Kit can post their image or animation to social media to have it reviewed by top entertainment recruiters and art directors from ILM, Riot Games, Netflix, CD Projekt Red, and NASA. At the end of the challenge, from the artwork combined, the Minerva Galaxy will be born. Visit the contest page for rules, requirements and a list of the amazing prizes up for grabs!  

Now is the perfect time to build your portfolio, start your project, and even add some extra assets to your Mission to Minerva Challenge submission! Be sure to swing by to take advantage of their Cyber Month 50% off sale from now until December 6th, 2022!