Take Your World-Building to the Next Level with KitBash3D

Take Your World-Building to the Next Level with KitBash3D

With its vast selection of high-quality 3D assets, KitBash3D makes it easy to create stunning environments that transport audiences to new, immersive, exciting and unforgettable worlds.

KitBash3D, a proud sponsor of The Rookie Awards, is empowering artists with their mission to enable and inspire creators of the virtual frontier. You've likely already seen their Kits in action, partnering with studios like Marvel, Netflix, Warner Bros, HBO, EA, Ubisoft, Naughty Dog, and 2K Games. The best part is that you can also use the same assets to create your own projects.  

With its vast selection of high-quality 3D assets, KitBash3D makes it easy to create stunning environments that transport audiences to new, immersive, exciting and unforgettable worlds.

From intricate sci-fi cityscapes, to historical lands, and everything in between, they have all you need to take your world-building to the next level.

We’re thrilled to partner with The Rookies and support the next generation of creators. Artists have the power to shape the world around us by harnessing the limitless potential of virtual worlds. With our tools and resources, we invite artists to explore the limits of their imagination, drive positive change, create community and innovation. - Carmen Moreno, KitBash3D Partnerships

This year, KitBash3D is awarding winners of the Rookie Awards with one Kit of their choice! Runners up of each category will receive the most popular Kits in used in their category – take a look!

This futuristic New York City is full of palatial public libraries, science institutes, avant-garde office buildings, vogue high-rises, museums, skyscrapers, sprawling residential towers, opulent hotels, and more! Envision utopian technological worlds with bright LEDs, holograms, and lush courtyards, or set the stage for the next brooding sci-fi neo-noir mystery.

Working on each Kit is a new adventure from concept to product renderings. There is a lot of work behind the making of each Kit and it is inspiring to see how artists use them to tell their own stories. - Gabs Herrera, KitBash3D Texture Artist

Explore the zeitgeist of the American heartland in a post-war landscape with quintessential models of the suburbs and traditional downtown areas. Kitschy bowling alleys and theatres, libraries, mobile homes, and even a shopping mall capture the nostalgia and stories of an idyllic American town.

When developing Kits, we look for ways to make building environments quickly and focus heavily on storytelling to inspire artists to come up with more interesting ideas as they explore building new worlds and alternate realities. I really hope that this year's Rookies find some cool stories to jump start their next creative endeavour. - Luis Tornel, KitBash3D Asset Supervisor.

Venture into retro futuristic dystopias or set the stage for a grungy postmodern noir architecture. This Kit’s full of greasy machinery, rugged materials, industrial spires, cathedrals, trolley and railways, general stores, fuel stations, providing everything you need to make cohesive fuel-powered worlds.

There is an endless flow of unbounded imagination from everyone at KitBash3D, so there's always something new to learn and new styles to take inspiration from. One of my most favorite aspects of working with this team is seeing the fruits of our labor in other people's work. Seeing people enjoy making art with the Kits truly makes all of the hard work worth it.     - Emily Amick, KitBash3D Sr. Graphic Designer

Cross the threshold of the Tokugawa shogunate-era Japan into a time when the disciplined ideals of the samurai clashed with the hedonism of the ukiyo, or “floating world”, lifestyle. From quaint teahouses and sacred temples, to martial arts dojos and bandit hideouts, Shogun has all the assets you need to tell the stories of folk heroes, cunning thieves, tyrannical daimos, and brave samurai.

Working with KitBash3D's Kits is like stepping into a world of endless creativity, where every asset is a building block for limitless possibilities. I hope that these Kits will inspire creators to push their boundaries and to craft unique, awe-inspiring worlds that capture the imaginations of their audiences, just as KitBash3D has captured mine. - Alex Shyp, KitBash3D Cinematic Artist

Step foot into a spectacular future for America's Golden Gate City! Full of next-generation high rises, extravagant corporate towers, and lavish hotels with rooftop gardens overlooking the city's iconic suspension bridge.

Your creative potential is limitless, and The Rookie Awards is the perfect platform to showcase your skills. If you’re an inspired hobbyist or if you’re looking to break into the industry, now is the perfect time to show what you can do. Build your world, community, portfolio, and dive into your next next project – whatever you’d like to create, KitBash3D is here to help you do it!

Artists, pros, and novices from all over the world use KitBash3D Kits as part of their regular workflow. Take a look at their inspiring creations.