Rookie Awards 2024: Elevating Tomorrow's Digital Creators

Rookie Awards 2024: Elevating Tomorrow's Digital Creators

The countdown begins! With just 30 days until entries open, we are thrilled to announce the Rookie Awards 2024

The countdown begins! With just 30 days until entries open, we are thrilled to announce the Rookie Awards 2024. Embarking on its 14th year, this global competition is your golden ticket to gaining recognition in the expansive realms of visual effects, animation, game development, VR, motion graphics, concept art, and more.

Whether you're a student, a recent graduate, or an emerging artist, this is your platform to shine under the spotlight of over 150 industry experts, win incredible prizes, and seize opportunities that could fast-track your career.

What's New in 2024

  • Expanded Partnership: This year, we're excited to welcome new industry giants to our list of partners, further broadening the horizons for our participants.
  • New Categories: Based on your feedback, we've added new categories to keep pace with evolving creative industries.

Esteemed Sponsors

Rookie Awards 2024 is brought to you in partnership with our major sponsors Adobe, Dell Technologies, and Lenovo. These industry giants are at the forefront of providing technology and software that empower creatives worldwide. Alongside these major sponsors, we're proud to collaborate with a diverse range of companies dedicated to supporting the next generation of talent in the creative industries. Other esteemed sponsors include:

ASUS, Maxon, SideFX, Wētā FX, CLO, Chaos, Electric Theatre Collective, Foundry, HUION, Marmoset, Marvelous Designer, Outpost VFX, PlaySide Studios, Style3D, Wacom, 2G Studio, 3D World,, AWN, Ghost VFX, INDG, The Boundary, Toon Boom, beloFX.

This comprehensive partnership underscores the vast support network available to participants, offering unparalleled opportunities to showcase their talents and kickstart their careers in the creative industries.

Distinguished Judges

The Rookie Awards 2024 prides itself on an esteemed panel of judges, featuring industry luminaries from globally recognised studios. These high-profile professionals bring their vast experience and insight, offering participants unparalleled exposure and the opportunity to receive feedback from the best in the creative industries.

Their involvement underscores the prestige of the competition and highlights the significant career opportunities that can arise from impressing such an influential audience. For more details on our panel, visit our Judges Page.

Make Your Mark

Your entry is your voice, your showcase, and potentially, your ticket to an exciting future in the creative industries. With 30 days to go, now is the perfect time to plan your submission, refine your projects, and prepare to share your creativity with the world.

Stay Connected

Join our Discord server for updates, tips, and community support as you prepare your entries. Follow us @therookiesco on social media and use #rookieawards2024 to stay engaged with the latest news and to connect with other creatives.

Countdown to Creativity

Mark your calendars for March 7th, 2024.

Mark your calendars for March 7, 2024, and let the countdown begin. We're excited to see the innovation and talent that will emerge this year. Prepare to dazzle us with your creativity, passion, and vision. The Rookie Awards 2024 is your stage – make it count!

Next Steps for Participants

  1. Explore the Categories: Familiarise yourself with the contest categories and decide where your work fits best.
  2. Gather Your Best Work: Start selecting and refining the projects you want to submit.
  3. Connect with The Community: Engage with fellow creatives on Discord and social media to share ideas, get feedback, and build your network before the contest begins.

For more details on the contest, how to enter, and what you can expect, visit the Rookie Awards 2024 official page. Stay tuned for updates, tips, and inspiration as you prepare to join creatives from around the globe in this exciting competition.

We can't wait to see the incredible talent and creativity that will emerge this year. Your journey starts now — let's make it unforgettable!