Career Inspiration: Creating an Animated Show as an Independent Creator

Career Inspiration: Creating an Animated Show as an Independent Creator

Rafi Nizam is a seasoned creative with 25 years of experience and numerous awards in XR, real-time, and VR production. Dive into his current project, "Art Squad," an animated series championing the power of art to solve problems, and discover invaluable insights for aspiring artists.

Image Courtesy of Rafi Animates

Rafi Nizam's career in the creative industries spans 25 years, and multiple awards for work he has created across XR, real-time and VR production and animation. As an independent creator, he has acquired skills as an animator, director, creative development executive - truly inspiring, right?

Currently, Rafi is immersed in the production of "Art Squad," an animated show for children featuring vibrant 3D characters who solve problems through the power of art. Explore Rafi's journey and glean valuable advice for aspiring artists seeking an exciting and challenging career like his own.

Rafi's creative process begins simply with pencil and paper, where he sketches out stories, characters, and outlines before transitioning into the digital form. Take heed of this process - you might find this deliberate approach allows you to slow down, immerse yourself in the creative flow, and truly connect with your craft.

Rafi then embraces cutting-edge technology, such as modeling and sculpting in VR using Adobe Substance 3D Modeler and Gravity Sketch, and scene layout in VR using Unreal Engine and NVIDIA Omniverse. The allure of Omniverse lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate various software applications, enabling Rafi to effortlessly move between tools in real-time—a game-changer for his workflow, and something you may want to explore too.

Moreover, with his ASUS ProArt hardware, Rafi can think less about the tools or any technical obstacles, and focus more on the creativity that was sparked when he put pencil to paper. Breathing a sigh of relief? Ya, me too.

Working with my ProArt hardware lets me focus on the creative aspects of making without distracting technical hiccups. As a showrunner, I now iterate and refine my ideas much faster than ever before.

Check out this clip where Rafi speaks in more detail about his workflow and creative process.

If the idea of forging a career as an independent Animator, Character Designer, or Filmmaker resonates with you, explore more of Rafi's work and story. As a staunch advocate for emerging talent, Rafi champions new methods and best practices for sustainable indie productions, offering a beacon of hope for those aspiring to follow in his footsteps. Who knows—your next production could be the one Rafi champions!

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