Join the Team at Ghost VFX: Rookie Awards 2024 Internships

Join the Team at Ghost VFX: Rookie Awards 2024 Internships

Ghost VFX is seeking candidates for internships at both their London and Copenhagen studios.

At The Rookies, we deeply value the connections we've forged with industry leaders who generously offer their time and expertise to nurture new talent. We love collaborating with studios like Ghost VFX, whose team extends their support to emerging artists through platforms like The Rookies.

This year, for the Rookie Awards 2024, Ghost VFX is seeking candidates for internships at both their London and Copenhagen studios. In this article, Artist Managers Signe Vinther and Millie Cox shed light on what they are looking for in potential candidates and how they work to foster a supportive environment for aspiring artists.

What inspired Ghost VFX to offer these career opportunities through the Rookie Awards 2024?

We’re always on the lookout for great talent, and the The Rookie Awards truly showcases some amazing upcoming artists. We have had several employed artists over the years whose projects have gotten quite far in the selections, which is quite enjoyable and makes us proud.

What qualities or skills are you looking for in potential candidates for these positions?

For us, talent and attitude are paramount features, and they go together hand-in-hand. We’re very proud of our community where artists inspire and lift each other, and we can only achieve this with positive and open minds in our crew. We do encourage everyone to ask questions if in doubt and there’s always a helping hand available.

How will the winners benefit from working alongside the talented people that make up the Ghost VFX teams?

We’re working with some of the best talents in the world, everyone from interns to seasoned seniors. This allow all entry-level artists to gain experience from top artists, whether it being technical knowledge or simply being inspired by the great work that’s being produced here.

Image from The Hunger Games - The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes, courtesy of Ghost VFX

Equally important, the winner will have the chance to work on major titles and get their credits attached. We understand that this is important when looking for the next opportunities when you’re new in the industry.

Can you provide examples of projects RA2024 winners can expect to be involved in?

We’re not allowed to disclose ongoing and upcoming projects, though we have previously worked on awesome shows from both the Star Wars and Star Trek universes.

What kind of mentorship or guidance will winners receive during their time with Ghost VFX?

We will provide the winner with a buddy, who will help with everything related to our pipeline and to have a friendly face to help the person getting settled in during the first weeks of the internship.

Both of the UK and CPH studios also have ArtIst Managers who will follow the winner closely and making sure they’re okay and up to speed with assignments.

How does Ghost VFX foster a supportive and inclusive environment for aspiring artists?

For the best experience we do require the winner to work on-site, at least during the internship period. This benefits both ways as we get to know the artist better, and the artist also gets a better understanding of workflows and easier access to more seasoned artists and their knowledge.

As mentioned earlier, talent and attitude are key elements for everyone employed at Ghost VFX. Not tolerating problematic behaviours we have been able to foster a caring, supportive, fun and friendly working environment.

We do our best to make sure all new-startes are given the best possible welcome, and with all the after hours social activities there’s a great risk of making friends for life.

Last, but not least, the CPH office probably offers the best lunch in the industry!

What advice do you have for aspiring artists who are considering entering this contest?

Do what brings you joy in life. If you love what you do it will definitely show in your portfolio.

Image from Troll, courtesy of Ghost VFX

Also, less is usually more. When looking at reels, we always prefer short but great reels instead of showcasing something of a more mixed quality. We’re trained at looking at reels for all levels, so don’t worry if you’re a junior and don’t have a lot of famous shows in your portfolio.

Lastly, what excites Ghost VFX the most about the Rookie Awards?

Getting the opportunity to experience all the energy from the amazing talents!

Check out both the London and Copenhagen opportunities at the links provided here. Good luck!