Introducing the Dell Precision 5690 Workstation: Powering Creativity with Precision

Introducing the Dell Precision 5690 Workstation: Powering Creativity with Precision

Introducing the Dell Precision 5690, a powerhouse workstation designed to elevate productivity and unleash creativity. Explore our favourite features in this handy article.

With so much change happening in the creative and technical industries, having the right tools to work with can make all the difference. Introducing the Dell Precision 5690, a powerhouse workstation designed to elevate your productivity and get your creative juices flowing like never before. Check out our favourite features rounded up in this handy article.

AI-Enhanced Performance

At the heart of the Precision 5690 lies cutting-edge AI technology, powered by up to an Ultra 9 Intel(R) Core(TM) processor with a Neural Processing Unit (NPU), delivering music to your ears, right? This dynamic duo not only accelerates AI-driven tasks but also optimises power efficiency, ensuring you can tackle demanding projects while conserving battery life. Can I get a high-five?!

Improved Graphics Performance & Features

Whether you're immersed in creative motion design, architectural visualisation, or working on your game dev entry to the Rookie Awards 2024, the Precision 5690's ray tracing capabilities deliver stunning visuals with lightning-fast rendering times. This is due to unparalleled graphics performance with the Precision 5690's Intel(R) Arc(TM) integrated GPU and optional NVIDIA RTX 5000 Ada Gen graphics card (note: there are additional GFX options available)...So much ear music!

AI at Your Fingertips

Boost your workflow with the new Microsoft Copilot Hotkey, putting AI capabilities right at your fingertips. Launch the copilot interface you can access AI-powered tools and functions more conveniently, allowing you to integrate artificial intelligence into your work processes seamlessly and effectively.

Advanced Thermal Technology

Remain composed even during intense gaming sessions (put those fans in storage!) or heavy file processing tasks with the Precision 5690's cutting-edge thermal management technology. You can thank the Dual Opposite Outlet (DOO) fan system, while the User Selectable Thermal Tables (USTT) feature allows you to tailor thermal performance according to the demands of your workload.

Upgradable & Scalable

Tailor your workstation to your exact needs with super flexible configuration options. From up to 64GB of LPDDR5x memory to 8TB of storage, there is no limit to the scope of project you take on.

Enhanced Collaboration Experience

The Precision 5690 boasts a range of features designed to enhance collaboration, including a touch-OLED panel with up to 400 nits brightness, premium audio speakers, and an FHD IR camera with a proximity sensor and HDR support. Whether you're freelancing and presenting to clients or collaborating a team on a student project, the Precision 5690 ensures you'll always be seen and heard with crystal-clear quality.

Empowering Game Developers

For game developers, the Precision 5690 is a game-changer, no pun intended! With its AI-enhanced performance and improved graphics capabilities, you can bring your virtual worlds to life with realism and detail. From creating intricate character models to designing immersive environments, the Precision 5690 provides the tools you need to create unforgettable gaming experiences.

The Precision 5690 sets a new standard for mobile workstations, and in our opinion, your ultimate companion on your creative journey.