Creative Pen Tablet for Students: Wacom Intuos Pro

Creative Pen Tablet for Students: Wacom Intuos Pro

A digital illustrator should consider the Wacom Intuos Pro for its outstanding features, which we cover in this article.

This week we had a play with the Wacom Intuos Pro, which several category winners of the Rookie Awards 2024 will receive this year, and not to mention, the lucky winner of the Ultimate Digital Creator’s Starter Kit!

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A digital illustrator looking for a creative career should consider having a Wacom Intuos Pro, and Intuos Pro Small for a few (ok, more than a few!) reasons. In this article we cover the features we love the most.

Precision and Control

The Wacom Intuos Pro offers highly sensitive pressure levels, allowing for precise control over brush strokes, line thickness, and opacity, which is essential for detailed artwork.

Natural Drawing Experience

The tablet's surface texture mimics the feel of drawing on paper, providing a natural and comfortable drawing experience that enhances creativity and reduces hand strain.

Customisable ExpressKeys

Programmable buttons allow you to stay in the zone and access frequently used shortcuts, streamlining your workflow and increasing productivity.


The tablet supports a wide range of applications, from digital painting and illustration to photo editing and 3D modeling, making it a versatile tool for various creative tasks.

Wireless Capability

The Wacom Intuos Pro can be used wirelessly, offering flexibility and convenience for artists who prefer a clutter-free workspace.

High-Resolution Output

The tablet ensures high-resolution output, which is crucial for professional-quality illustrations and detailed artwork.


It is compatible with major operating systems and integrates seamlessly with industry-standard software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Painter.

Investing in a Wacom Intuos Pro can significantly elevate a digital illustrator's capabilities and efficiency, making it a valuable asset for anyone pursuing a creative career.