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The Scout

I'm part machine, part human, with a little sprinkle of unicorn tears thrown in to help me better understand the CG world.

Andrew McDonald

Andrew is the co-founder of The Rookies has been working in the visual effects industry since 2002. Most recently he was a CG Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic.

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Alexander Richter

Alexander Richter is a Technical Director for Animation and VFX and also a coach for scripting, leadership and professional growth. www.alexanderrichtertd.com

Paul Paulino

Hi! My name is Paul, and I am a 3D artist born and raised in Almenara, Minas Gerais, Brazil. I'm currently living in Vancouver, BC - Canada and working @ Method Studios.

Junliang Zhang

Hello, my name is Junliang Zhang. I come from Shanghai, China. I am a 3D Environment Artist currently working at 3Blackdot in Los Angeles, USA.

Willie Jimenez

U.S.Navy vet - Award winning illustrator former comic book artist, curently a concept art student looking to get into Visual Development. Occasionally I write blog post about art.

Anthony Robinson

I have always drawn, even at a young age. While growing up, my idea of a perfect night in involved going to the video store, renting a bunch of anime and drawing till I dropped.

Alwyn Hunt

Alwyn has a background in fine arts and has worked at Sony Imageworks, The Moving Picture Company, Double Negative, Animal Logic, and Weta Digital.

Josh Antonio

I’ve had a passion for VFX since I was young, which is why I wanted to study this subject at university. Since attending university I have developed lots of skills and found a love for 3D Modelling.

Emma Wittwer

Started with a love of art and computers. With those powers combined, I started with modeling and games, then taught digital arts to others and now I'm working on being a Set Extension/Matte Painter.


ESMA is a school of applied arts established in Montpellier, Toulouse, Lyon, Nantes and Montréal.


AREA is Autodesk's official 3ds Max and Maya community. Find 3D tutorials, blogs, forums, and a 3D gallery of film, VFX, games, and design work.

Felipe Vimeney

Hello there! I'm a Brazilian artist born and raised in Rio de Janeiro and before stepping into the VFX Industry I worked for almost 14 years in the Broadcast Industry.

William Fiorentini

Currently in my last year at ESMA Toulouse, I have a very deep passion for Modeling and Texturing.

Jeremy Schaefer

Jeremy is a animator and filmmaker who recently graduated from Ringling College of Art & Design. He just released his short film, The Box Assassin, which is now available to watch online.

Scott Mitchell

Scott has been in the game industry for 14 years working on titles such as Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, Prince of Persia The Two Thrones and Assassin’s Creed II.

Arnaud Valette

I’m a Concept Artist working for the FIlm industry. My clients include major VFX facilities such as MPC, Framestore, Double Negative, Prime Focus World or Trixter.

Joshua Wu

Hi Guys! I am Joshua Wu. I just completed a 1-year course in 3dSense media school in Singapore. Before coming to 3dSense, my dream was to become a professional Animator.

Lanli Su

I am a Gnomon student pursuing her career as an FX and Imaging Specialist.

Xavier Marot

I'm a Belgian man of 25 years old. I tried Computer Graphics without really knowing what it was about, but it went really well. I have worked on Thor: Ragnarok, Mowgli, and now I'm on The Lion King!

Alvaro Zabala

Hey there! I am 3D Modeler and texture artist from Madrid (Spain), specialized in character and creature modeling, currently employed at Blur Studio.

Collin Harris

Hi, I'm Collin. I like to tell stories and make art. My primary aspirations are to make experiences that bring people together.

Alla Chernova

Art always was my big passion. After I'd finished my first education as a fine artist, I moved to CG art. Being able to create something for film industry is truly amassing.

Pierre Lazarevic

Hi, my name is Pierre and I'm a French concept artist and illustrator.

Simon Verstraete

My name is Simon Verstraete, and I’m an environment artist. I'm fascinated about procedural workflows. Just graduated and currently working at eXiin as environment/Houdini artist.

Alex Parker

Alex Parker is a graduate of Bournemouth University’s MA 3D Computer Animation program, specializing in Character Animation & Look Development and looking to make her debut in animation for TV & film.

Davin Gilbert Saputra

For over 5 years now I've been teaching myself CG and traditional arts skills and I am currently studying in 3dsense media school trying to get my foot in the industry.

Ivan Ontiveros

Hello, I'm Ivan Ontiveros, I would like to become a 3D artist one day. One friend introduces me on this path one year ago and I really enjoyed.

Woong Bae Byun

Hello, my name is Woong Bae Byun, 3D Character Artist specialized in making realistic characters and assets for visual effects and game industries

Chingtien Chu

Chingtien Chu was born on Penghu, Taiwan(R.O.C). Now he is a Lighting and CG Generalist at Framestore, Chicago.

Angelina Bayer

Hey, this is Angie! I’m a German 3D artist based in Belgium! I usually hang out at the exciting intersection of artsy-fartsy land (I draw!) and techy-topia.

Stefan Kang Chun Yih

Stefan Kang Chun Yih is a VFX artist based in Los Angeles, specialized in FX simulation and Compositing.

Ian Spriggs

I am a 3D Character Artist living in Vancouver Canada. The past few years I have been working at OatsStudios on Neill Blomkamp’s short films Rakka, Firebase, Zygote and Adam.

Shariq Altaf

I’m a 3D Artist in London UK, specialising in 3D Modelling, Texturing and Look Development in the Visual Effects industry, currently a 3D Artist at DNEG.

Diego Rodriguez Barcala

I'm Diego, a 3D Character Artist living in Spain. As a kid, I was blown away by the cinematics created for my favorite video games, so I decided to pursue a career in the VFX industry.

Jack Gathercole

I am currently studying Games Art & Design at university. After developing an interest within 3D Environment Art & Prop Creation, I have been developing my skills in these areas specifically.

Christian Otten

I always had a huge interest in 3D graphics, inspired by movies like Jurassic Parks and games like Myst. I originally studied geology but decided to enrol at pixlvisn media arts academy in 2016.

Shannon Hallstein

As a 4th-year Animation Major at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Shannon has found her passion for the visual development process of animation.

Laureline Massias

After an artistic studies at the Georges Méliès school, I'm curently working on my graduation movie at Artfx, specializing myself in FX.

Imanuel Jason

Hello my name is Imanuel Jason, a Hard Surface enthusiast and a 3D modeler from Indonesia. I am currently studying 3D modeling in Academy of Art University.

Beatrice Gröger

I'm a German 3D Artist who specializes in organic 3D Modeling and Texturing. My goal is the creation of believable digital creatures, their personality and environment along with them.

Mark Lee

Hi my name is Mark Lee. I am currently a student in Gnomon School. I am specialized in stylized character modeling and texturing. I have been drawing since childhood. I love character designs as well.

Mads Lind Nicolaisen

I’m Mads Lind Nicolaisen, a 3D archviz artist at DimensionDesign, student at 3D College Denmark, and the winner of The Rookies 2018 Architecture Visualisation Category

Maxime Carcaillon

Hi everyone, I’m Maxime Carcaillon, a young Level Artist at Ubisoft from the New3dge school in Paris. I love video games since my childhood and I am so happy my passion is finally my job.

Vinicius M. Favero

My name is Vinicius Favero and i’m a Character Artist from Brazil now living in Vancouver.

Siddhartha Valluri

I’m Siddhartha Valluri, a designer with a passion for Architecture & Hardsurface Design.I work at Dhruva Interactive, India’s top Game Art studio, prior to which I studied at FZD School of Design.

Martin Demovic

I’m digital compositor currently in Pixomondo Stuttgart where I moved after spent several years in 3D generalist role in Slovakia.

Duncan Li

Hi my name is Duncan, and I would like to become a concept artist. I am from Australia and have recently finished studying Bachelor of Digital Media majoring in concept art.

Mieke Yperman

Hi, I’m Mieke Yperman, a young 3D artist and graduate at DAE in Belgium. I loved video games and movies since I was little and I’m thrilled that I’m able to follow my passion.

Alla Chernova

I'm a Russian born CG artist, currently based in LA. After doing Analog Art for over 15 years, I moved to 3D. Being able to be a part of the movie industry was my dream. Instagram - allachernova_art

Nguyen Pham

Newly-graduated student from CDW Studio/Flinders University, mostly working in 2D stream as an concept artist and illustrator.

Jonathan Hemmens

I’m a game environment artist from the UK. I enjoy creating game environments with storytelling and interesting architecture.

Elientje De Laet

From wanting to be a princess, to a hairdresser, to an interior designer, I went to dreaming about being an artist. Here I am, a student in my last year of a Digital Arts and Entertainment bachelor.

Rasti Petko

Creature Designer, Character Designer, Concept artist,Game Developer. My Vision? Do not create a game, Make a world.

Mélanie Roux

Hello, my name is Melanie Roux, I’m a 2D/3D artist living in France. I’m graduated from ISART Digital School (2017), since I worked as a freelance game artist on a VR game and a board game.

Charlie Foreman

I'm a material artist based out of the Chicago area! I graduated from SCAD in June 2018 and am hungry for opportunities in the game industry!

Celine Bader

Hello ! I am Celine Bader, 23-year-old French student at New3dge School in Paris. I am in my final year of studying game art. I am also working at Allegorithmic as a material artist

Neil Colaco

Since my teens, I have been fascinated by the amazing world of Video Games, which was the main attraction to get me into this industry.

Dina Salama

A 3D generalist based in Egypt, currently studying at Think Tank Training Centre in Vancouver.

Amber Marie Edwards

Hello, I'm Amber Marie Edwards, I'm an Environment Artist who currently works for TT Games Warner Bros. I completed a 3-year University Digital Arts course achieving a 1st BA Honour Degree.

Bert Plasschaert

My name is Bert Plasschaert and I’m a second year student at Digital Arts and Entertainment located in Belgium. My favorite projects at the moment are: scifi realistic looking props and environments.

Lucas Sinewe

Hi! My name is Lucas Sinewe and I’m a ‘3D Animation & Visual Effects’ student at PIXL VISN media arts academy in Cologne, Germany. Passionate about car and hardsurface modeling.

Jahirul Amin

I am a Computer Animation and Visual Effects Trainer and Consultant specialising in designing and delivering courses to create solid and diverse production-ready skills.

Michael HÖFT

Hi, I am Michael and I'm a modeler and texture Artist from France now living in Vancouver.

Nikodem J. Malec

Hey, my name is Nikodem. I’m a Polish-American digital art student focusing on concept art and illustration.

Andrea Savchenko

Andrea is a CG artist studying at Think Tank Training Centre

Mihai Muscan

Self-studying Environment Art and Cinematics

Julie Beliveau

3d Character & Prop Artist - Looking for Opportunities. Cooking. Stories. Music. Under the firm impression that wasps are out to get me.

Samantha I Kio Kung

While studying architectural design, I became interested in game and film concept design. I have a passion for designing environment, character and prop design.

Mateo Linares

Mateo Linares studied both architecture and 3D computer graphics, merging these two passions to create evocative 3D environments.

Omar Mukhtar

I’m a VFX Artist based in Los Angeles. I'm currently studying at Gnomon School of VFX.

Daniel Schwarz

3D Character Artist. Modeling to texturing. Hardsurface, Organic & Cloth. In love with all things fantasy and always looking for the most challenging quests. As well as nice and passionate people.

Illia Statkevych

I have been playing with various techs since I was a kid. However, as an artist at heart, I have always been seeking opportunities to express myself which eventually led me into the world of CG.

Quentin Marsollier

I’m currently studying as a 2nd year student at brassart’s school. I decided to move towards the universes creation professions, as the creation of animated movies, videos games or movies.

Kim Strandli

CG Generalist and problem-solver from Norway.

Dennis van Kessel

2nd-year Concept Art student at Teesside University, Intern at Atomhawk

Arthur Tasquin

Hi ! My name is Arthur Tasquin and I'm a 3D Generalist / Texture artist just graduated from the HEAJ in Belgium. I'm very curious and love all kinds of art.

Kavi A. M. Dey

I am a 15-year-old High School student with a love of Visual Effects, and all other things computer related.

Léonie Aonzo

Nice to meet you! I'm an Italian illustrator and self-taught digital artist, about to embark in a journey to chase the concept art dream! I'm also half of the indie game development duo Flaming Moka.

Héctor Carcedo

VFX Artist.

Timothée Maron

Currently a Junior Generalist TD at Framestore London, I specialize myself into Texturing/LookDev. I have a very big passion for Visual Effects and Feature Animation.

Gabriel Enriquez "TheGabmeister"

3D Environment Artist and VR Developer. I spend most of my time jacked into the Matrix

Math Roodhuizen

3D artist with an interest in VFX / tech art for games.

Jose Iuit

Texture artist and modeler for film following his passion for VFX and trying to learn something new everyday in the process. Currently living in Vancouver, Canada.

Maciej Górnicki

I’m Mobile games Art Director with strong 3D, UI/UX abilities and wide technical background.

Zeina Masri

Feature Film Animator passionate about making memorable performances that connect with the audience. Striving to deliver vividly expressive and meaningful Animation.

Khaled Osama

My name is Khaled Osama I’m a student at Thinktank Training center. I came from an architectural engineering background. I worked at FullMoon Studios (Egypt) as an environment artist.

Lisa Tenorio

Lisa is the Director of Education & Learning at Epic Games.

naghi hamidi

freelance 3d character artist

Isabella Martinez Luna

3D Artist who has a passion for creating stylized characters. If you want to know more about her creative process, you can stop by her twitch stream twitch.tv/TheArtOfBella

Adam Karlsson

Adam Karlsson 3D Artist student focusing on realtime architectural visualization and product visualization projects.

Jia Min Lee

I'm a student from Think Tank Training Centre. My goal is to work on visual effects films, television or animated cartoons and hopefully inspire some people with her art along the way.

Ryan Chan

Concept artist & illustrator based in Toronto

Etienne Vittani

I come from a science background in which I worked for 7 years. I decided to change my path at 27 years old to move into the artistic field. So I started to study Concept Art and Matte Painting.

Alvaro Saravia

I have always loved art. Specially cinema. One day I decided I wanted to work in the film industry. From that moment on, I completely fell in love with this craft and everything it involves.

Guy Iltis

Hi, I'm a french junior CG Artist. I aim to increase my skills, reach the best level possible, get much experience in studios abroad and build an international career.

Massimiliano Bianchini

I'm a 3D artist from Italy.

Tomas Sackmann

Hi! I am an Industrial Designer from Argentina. Currently working in Dubai and studying at Think Tank Training Center Online with the goal of becoming a 3d Artist.

Jakub Bednarz

2D/3D animator. MoA graduate of character animation at Gobelins in 2019. Recent VFX animation trainee at Framestore, London. Currently, happily freelancing.

Kaloyan Kalamov

3D character artist still at an infant level but always one step ahead from the status quo.

Issree Pittayayon

I'm Issree. I'm originally from Bangkok, Thailand. I recently graduated from Syn Studio Concept Art Diploma in Montreal Canada.

Nikhil Kedige

Hey, my name is Nikhil Kedige, I’m 21, a Think Tank Online graduate Env Artist and I enjoy the process of creating experiences that you can share with others through games.

Kieran Ogden-Brunell

Kieran is an Effects Supervisor and veteran FX TD , servicing high end content for blockbuster feature film and television.

David Walz

hi, I'm currently a student at Gnomon in Hollywood, CA where I'm presently working on my demo reel. I'm interested in Character modeling and/or look development.

Dahyun Beak

The biggest motivation is enjoyment

Alahyla Rivera

I'm a 3d environment artist always looking for ways to improve and trying to learn new programs and ways to do environments.

Yuzhi Zhu Steven

I am an environment/lighting artist currently getting my master degree in Savannah College of Art and Design. I love drawing, painting, sculpting, 3D art, etc. Making art is my biggest passion.

Sangbin Park

I want to be a master of disaster and nature FX artist!

Elena Distefano

I am a graduate from Bournemouth University MA 3D Computer Animation course as of August 2019. I began work as a Junior Generalist Axis Studios in Glasgow in November 2019.


I love watching cartoons and listen to new stories. My main goal in life is to bring appealing and funny characters to life to entertain people.

Nicola Scognamiglio

First with hand drawing, then with architectural photography, I have always been passionate about everything that concerns composition, lights and shapes.

Veerle Zandstra

My name is Veerle Zandstra, I’m a 2D artist from the Netherlands and I aspire to specialise as a concept artist with additional skills in 3D and sculpting.

James Hyun

I am a 3D artist focusing on characters. Located in Korea, I have experience in feature films and advertisements in studios small and large.

Elvira Trofimova

Topology junky passionate about video games

Wouter Gillioen

I’m a environment and prop artist currently studying at Digital Arts and Entertainment in Belgium. I started with 3D back in 2018. Currently looking for internships starting 2021.

Seonghyeon Park

I am currently a student at SF Film School in Seoul, Korea and want to be a grooming artist. It's been so much fun creating something that I've imagined. My goal is to make films that impress people.

Xiaoli Zhang

Hello, I’m Xiaoli Zhang and I’m a recent graduate from the School of Visual Arts, Computer Art Department in the U.S.

Julian Rabe

Environment Artist Contract Artist @ Dekogon Former Student @ Think Tank Training Centre

Lennart Vulto

Lennart is student at The Netherlands Film Academy. He is specialised in 3D moddeling, texturing, look-dev and lighting and has been VFX-supervisor and coordinator for various graduation films.

Robin Andre-Bourguignon

I studying my last year at New3dge in Paris. I’ve been working on my final project for over a year, I’m also doing an internship at Nki Studio in Paris and I’m aspiring to be environment artist

Laura Salomoni

Currently in my 3rd year at ESMA Montpellier, I am deeply passionate about Texturing/Shading of characters and creatures.

Bianca Balasoiu

I like trains...and games.


I'm a 3D artist passionate about 3D Character in games and film. I'm looking forward to begin my journey as the rookie in the industry

Luca Giamattei

CG Artist specialized in modelling for visual effects and real-time production. Team-oriented and friendly knows the value of constructive criticism and always try to grow.

Olivia Curelariu

I am an aspiring 3D Artist. I'm trying my best to learn as much as I can, improve my skills and make models I'm proud of.

Curtis Norton

I'm currently in my final year studying at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. I am strongly passionate about creating props and environments for games / real-time application.

Natalia Cabalceta

Natalia is a 3D artist and kawaii enthusiast who’s keen on immersive media. She models 3D assets, builds XR apps and got her B.A. in Fine Art from the University of Pennsylvania in May 2020.

Benjamin Makki

Currently studying at ArtFX Montpellier. I’m interested in Modeling, texturing and lookdev, especially for characters and creatures.

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