Why pursue a career in Visual Effects?

Maybe because it's a career that involves the perfect mix of story telling, cutting-edge technology and creativity. It could also be because you love films and want to hang out on set surrounded by movie stars. Maybe you want a career that allows you to travel the world or even work remotely from home. Or maybe it's because you love drawing and building things with your hands and on the computer. There are so many reasons why you would want to work in Visual Effects and there are dozen of possible career paths open to you across multiple industries.

What you'll learn:

  • What it's like to work in visual effects and why it's a career worth pursuing.
  • Full overview of all the key job within production studios.
  • The most important skills you need to know for a successful career.
  • How much money you can make with our salary guide.
  • How do I start learning and if a school is the right approach for you.
  • The best schools to learn visual effects online and on campus.
  • Essential blogs & communities that every visual effects artist needs.
  • Free software to start using that will get you on track.
  • Professional Software that the pros use, and that you can too.
  • Top companies where you can work around the world.
  • Essential Reading to really push your skills to the next level.

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