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In Chrome

  • On your computer, open Chrome.
  • At the top right, click More.
  • Click More tools and then Clear browsing data.
  • At the top, choose a time range. To delete everything, select All time.
  • Next to "Cookies and other site data" and "Cached images and files," check the boxes.
  • Click Clear data.

In Safari

  • Open Safari browser.
  • Click on Safari in the menu bar and open Preferences
  • Select the Privacy tab
  • Click on Manage Website Data
  • Click Remove All, and then confirm it by clicking on Remove Now in the next dialogue box

In Firefox

  • From the History menu, select Clear Recent History.If the menu bar is hidden, press Alt to make it visible.
  • From the Time range to clear: drop-down menu, select the desired range; to clear your entire cache, select Everything.
  • Next to "Details", click the down arrow to choose which elements of the history to clear; to clear your entire cache, select all items.
  • Click Clear Now.

Internet Explorer

  • Select Tools > Safety > Delete browsing history....If the menu bar is hidden, press Alt to make it visible.
  • Deselect Preserve Favorites website data, and select: Temporary Internet files or Temporary Internet files and website files; Cookies or Cookies and website data; History.
  • Click Delete. You will see a confirmation at the bottom of the window when the process is complete.