Important Steps for Creating Your Article

Important Steps for Creating Your Article

These steps are for all Contributors to The Rookies Blog that need to be followed in order to have your work published. It’s hard work—we take this very seriously and treat it as a magazine publication, so if you aren’t willing to hear feedback and make revisions, this probably won’t work.

Once you have been invited to The Rookies blog as a Contributor you will have access to create a New Story.

Basic Workflow

Add your text

You should be working from an approved Google Document or external working file. Simply copy/paste the text directly into the editor page.

WARNING: Before pasting in your text, please make sure that you have used the Hemmingway Editor and you have a score of 7 or lower.

Refer to this article about How to use Markdown Editor.

Linking to content

Please make sure to link to any software, hardware or locations that you mention in any article. As a reader, there is nothing worse than having to search for something yourself--so please make it easy for everyone.

Image Specifications

It's important that all images are optimised for the web. We simply can't use images that are too big if dimensions and filesize.

Here’s specs for the various images required for each article:

  • Hero - 2000x800 (Should not include any text)
  • Inline images - 1040xN
  • Full Width Images - 2500xN

Note: All images (including GIFs) must be 1MB or smaller

We recommend all images to be 85% optimisation and JPEG.

Please only use PNG files for line drawings, text, and vector style graphics. For anything else, JPEG is the best option.

Need help compressing your images? Tinyjpg is a really cool online jpg compression tool. Drag-n-drop your images onto the page and download your zip file. Boom!

Post Settings

Accessing the Post Settings Menu

The post settings menu is accessible from within The Rookies editor. You can access the post settings menu by clicking on the “gear” icon at the top right of The Rookies editor, next to Publish.

Post Featured Image

To upload a post image, click on the image upload box. This will prompt you to select an image from your computer to upload with your post.

Using Unsplash with feature images

  1. From The Rookies Editor, expand the Post Settings Menu
  2. Click on the Unsplash logo on the feature image box

  1. To set the feature image, hover over the photo and click the Insert Image button

Previewing the post

To view your content in context with the publication theme, click on the “Preview” link above the “Post URL” field.

Setup Your Profile

You can access your profile page from the dropdown menu top-left of The Rookies editor. Simply select Your Profile.

From here you will be able to control:
Cover Image: Image usually displayed on the author archive page
Display Picture: Image usually displayed with the author on published posts.
Full Name: Name displayed with published posts
Slug: URL for author archive; example:
Email Address: Used for internal notifications, login, password recovery
Location: Current location of the user
Website: Personal website of the user
Facebook Profile: Link to Facebook profile of user
Twitter Profile: Link to Twitter profile of user
Bio: 200 characters or less description of user


Once you have added your content, styled your page to look it's best simply notify ping us @ [email protected] or use the live chat back at the main site.

We will then collaborate with you to get it published.