Job Boards for Entry Level Creative Roles

The following job site and databases are highly recommended for those of you looking for entry level roles in creative industries. They are meticulously maintained and updated, making sure you spend more time applying to open roles and talking to recruiters that need your skills.


One of the largest gaming jobs platform in the world. It's a dedicated platform with loads of opportunities available for entry level roles.

Job Board 2.0

Created by Chris Mayne, this Google Looker Studio report lists new animation industry job openings all over the world, both freelance and in-house. Best part of it all, it's updated daily.

Gaming Jobs Spreadsheet

If you’re looking for a new role in Gaming, this public spreadsheet managed by Amir Satvat is the one you want to keep open in your browser. It's updated daily and has a huge rolling list of jobs.

Showbiz Jobs

ShowbizJobs is the longest running job board in the entertainment industry. Their client list includes all major media enterprises and countless boutique firms who trust our site to find the best candidates in the market.

Houdini Job Board

This one is specialised for those of you that love blowing things up, destroying building, making splashes, and everything else that Houdini software is capable of doing.

Artstation Jobs

Another great resource with lots of opportunities across games, animation, visual effects and more.

CreativeHeads is the largest job network for the creative industries and is free to the job seeker. Artists, animators, designers, technical directors, producers, programmers and software engineers use to access the most comprehensive and current database of job opportunities in the creative industries.