Learn CGI online with Think Tank Training Centre

Learn CGI online with Think Tank Training Centre

Learn CGI online with Think Tank Training Centre

Whether you’re straight out of high school, changing careers, or upgrading skills, Think Tank Training Centre’s industry-approved curriculum and award-winning industry mentors equip you with the job skills and confidence to pursue your career goals. Just check out the type of companies that hire their alumni below.

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How it works

The Think Tank Training Centre Asset Creation Program is a full 4 terms. 16 months in total, each term is 14 weeks. Upon completing Term 1 Foundations, you move on to choose your career specialty. You do not need to know your specialization prior to applying as you can discover your abilities as you work through our Foundations Term.

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Enrol in a course

Select one of their online courses. There is something in there for everyone.

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Attend Weekly Online Classes

No need to head into a classroom, everything is handled online with a team of highly skilled industry mentors.

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Build a Portfolio

A portfolio is your ticket to the job of your dreams. You will work with your mentors to create one that gets attention.

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Graduate job-ready

Graduate with confidence knowing that you understand what the industry is looking for and that you have the skills they are looking for.

Only the very best are approved

Independently certified by industry professionals

The Rookies work with an independent panel to assess creative media and entertainment schools. The in-depth review process makes sure only the best schools are accepted and the accolade remains exclusive. Below are some of the factors that were considered when approving Think Tank Training Centre as a Rookies' Certified School.

The Rookies - Portfolio Example
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Graduate Acceptance Rates

Acceptance rates are a very strong indicator of how well a school prepares their students for industry. This is why our team reviews these stats very closely to make sure rates are of the highest level.

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Facilities and Resources

Often schools lack facilities, resources and production workflows that truly allow students to grow and learn. Think Tank Training Centre provides exactly what you need as a student.

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Software and Curriculum

Learning the right software and skills is one of the most important aspects for any student. Think Tank Training Centre was approved by our team because they not only have well planned curriculums, but also teach relevant and up-to-date software.

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Staff Development & Training

All schools love to showcase the amazing staff that have worked on the latest blockbuster movie or AAA game. Think Tank Training Centre excels with there lineup of current teaching staff and training processes to keep them ahead of the game.

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Alumni Feedback & Success Stories

To be approved requires testimonials from recent alumni to make sure they are truly happy and impressed with the education provided by the school. We received countless testimonials from very happy alumni.

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Relationship with Industry

The relationship between schools and industry is a critical part of any good education. Our accreditation relies on making sure each school has a strong relationship with a range of local production studios and industry professionals.

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Studios that Hire Graduates

In addition to having a strong relationship with industry, we closely review where recent graduates are being hired. This provides a great indication of how industry ready students are and if strong relationships are in place to help students with interviewing and job applications.

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Quality of Student Work (all years)

Our panel reviews the work of all students, not just graduates. It's important for us to see the progression of skills all the way to an industry level. It's not always about showing the best work, the journey is equally important and a factor that truly highlights a schools worth.

Only the very best creative media schools are eligible to apply as a Rookies Certified School®. Think Tank Training Centre applied and was approved with flying colours.

Hand Stamp

Student Showcase

Here is a small sample of artwork created by students during their time at the school. You could be creating this quality of work before you know it.