Created by Rebelway FX, we are honoured to share one of the greatest assets we've seen shared for free with the public. This amazing asset pack is filled with everything you need to level-up your own FX skills using Houdini.

About the Creators

This incredible animation scene has been provided by Rebelway FX.

"Our goal is to teach Sidefx Houdini primarily along with high-end renderers like SolidAngle Arnold and realtime rendering technology like Unreal Engine 4.0.We will be producing training material that focuses on creating high-end FX using Houdini as-well as teaching how to procedurally create high-end 3D Assets, shade, and light, and how to render them using various offline and real-time engines."

Asset Overview

The team at Rebelway FX has created an entire Houdini scene and FX brief for you to follow. The scene includes everything you need to create your very own FX masterpiece. You get everything from concept art files, reference videos, art packs and houdini scenes ready go. All you need to do is add the FX and start rendering.

Creative Brief and Support

To make this amazing creative pack even easier to work with, the team at Rebelway have included this video to help walk you through the entire process and get your creative juices flowing.

Example Renders

Check out these amazing videos that have been created by members of The Rookies using this incredible asset pack.

Licence Requirements

This asset has been released under a Creative Commons licence. This means that when you share this model, or a variation of it publicly, you are required to include the following attribution information.

"Original asset created by Rebelway FX, licensed by The Rookies."

Download Asset Pack

Please download the asset pack using the link below and have fun!

FX Animation Scene
Shared with Dropbox

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