Amazing 3D Animation Rigs you can use for free

Amazing 3D Animation Rigs you can use for free

Looking for a 3D rig to play with, but don't have the time or skills to build one? There are plenty of amazing free animation rigs available for you to download right now. We have listed some of the most popular rigs available online today. They range from the super simple, through to advanced biped rigs capable of production level quality.

Animation Mentor

Stewart and Squirrels are professional-quality rigs that are available to people wanting to learn animation.

Meet Squirrels

  • Designed by the pros
  • Great for beginner-level animators looking to easily infuse personality into a character
  • Easy-to-use Autodesk Maya controls that allow animators to focus on movement
  • Appealing 3D version of the traditional flour sack animation exercise
  • Before you download, read the terms and conditions.

Meet Stewart

  • Professional quality rig with intuitive controls and a simple design for Autodesk Maya
  • Built for action with exceptional body mechanics
  • Great for animators of all levels
  • Before you download, read the terms and conditions.

Flour sack

Free simple flour sack rig for practicing your animation by Joe Daniels. A good place to start to learn the basic principles of animation.

See it in action here:

There is a wide range of flexibility to the rig, so play around with the controls to achieve the desired pose. Many of the controls can be translated and scaled non-uniformly for extra control.

Posing Tip: I recommend thinking of the yellow cylinder controls (Top_Control and Bottom_Control) as the primary first-pass pose controls, and pose them first. The shoulder controls have an attribute that sets whether they follow the hierarchy, or are free to stick to the world. You may want to change this, depending on your scene.

Ultimate Rigs

A collection of free Maya rigs that will keep you focused on learning physical movements. This way you won't be tempted to do dialogues or facial animation. You need to walk before you run ;)


Agora Studios have some excellent Maya industry professional rigs that you can use for free. Used primarily for AnimChallenge. Twigs was rigged by friends of The Rookies - Dr Reel. Download link.

Note: Rigs aren't to be used for any commercial work.

Robot RBT10 was founded in 2015 by Jakub Krompolc who has more than 10 years as Rigging TD at various high profile post production companies.

There is a cool robot character that you can download for free.

Sheik - Overwatch Universe

A free character rig of a re-imagining of Sheik in the Overwatch Universe!
Compatible with Maya 2017 - Maya 2020

In the Overwatch universe, Sheik is a fearless non-binary hero, a lone wolf raised and trained by their guardian Impa in their small seclusive encampment. A surprise attack by Talon, looking for new ways to advance their own weapons, leaves the Sheikah hideout in ruins. With their sharp skills in sheikah magic and the combative arts, Sheik works alone, abandoning their true identity to regain peace for their people and take back their sacred artifacts.

Healthbot 1.0

Very simple rig. A good practice to bring personality to a character despite a limited amount of controls.

Sam & Amy's Rig

Sam & Amy Rigs are a set of rigs made by Gabriel Salas. They aren't quite free ($15) but they are really great rigs, created by an industry pro.

Dana & David character rigs also by Gabriel Salas

Getting Riggy with it!

Created by students for students. Students from USV created some free rigs that have been made with the guidance of industry-experienced professors.

Sony Pictures Animation

The kind folks over at Sony Animation were kind enough to give away a Hotel Transylvania Zombie Rig.  Personal use only.

Malcolm 2.0

From AnimSchool Malcolm has been used to win several animation contests, in notable animation shorts, and commercials. He is widely considered to have one of the most flexible and expressive face rigs available. Malcolm is a very complex, feature-quality rig, so not suitable for those just starting to learn animation. New students of animation should consider applying to be an AnimSchool student.


AnimProps is a website where 2D and 3D artists can create an account for free to share, sell or purchase artwork. A big resource for animation rigs.

Free Tom Rig.

This rig was created by: Artem Dubina [Modeling – Texturing – rigging], Roman Adamanov [Fur – Render scene]

This character was created for the purpose of study, practice, animation challenges and communal content creation projects. Have fun!
Credits: Tom & Jerry, Warner Bros.

Elsa - Frozen

Rigged by Siroj Eshboev. If you want to see a review of the rig check out Jean-Denis Haas YouTube channel for some rig reviews. To download the rig go here.

Built by Colossus

Built By Colossus Rigs are free and paid Maya rigs available for download. Founded and run by Roman Jeffery.

Character modeler and Indie game creator Christoph (The Stoff) Schoch has lots of free rigs you can download.

Blender 3D Animation Rigs

A collection of Blender rigs that have been created by the Blender community or professionals.




The Rookies

We couldn't do a list without including our own amazing rigs. Well, to be honest, we only have one right now, but damn it's good!

Knight Spider

Knight Spider is one of the most incredible free Maya rigs available. The concept design and 3D asset was created by Rookie Alumni, Mehmet Tayfur Türkmenoğluwe. Knight Spider was then handed over the pros at Dr Reel to build out this production quality rig that will take your portfolio to a new level.

Free Maya Rig - Knight Spider
Knight Spider is one of the most incredible free Maya rigs available. The concept design and 3D asset was created by Rookie Alumni, Tayfur.

Always check to make sure these rigs are fine to use and give credit to the creators.

If you're a student and use these rigs in your demo reel then make sure to declare that you didn't model or rig the characters/assets.

Know some more worthy rigs out there? Share them in the comments below.