As most of you know, The Rookies is on a mission to help prospective students find the perfect education. The problem is there are still too many schools promising the world, but simply not delivering any value and creating skepticism amongst artists.

This is why we have introduced Rookies Certified Schools. This formal accreditation is designed to showcase and acknowledge the very best schools that provide the most up-to-date and relevant industry training and education. The accreditation will also help identify the world's most industry focused schools that are nurturing talent of all skill levels.

Certification Goals

Our goals for Rookies Certified Schools are very simple. We want to:

  • showcase top quality schools and help set a high standard of educational excellence.
  • assure employers that students graduating from these schools are industry ready and qualified.
  • help approved schools differentiate themselves from competitors.
  • help prospective students find a trusted school.
  • weed out the weaker schools that are of no benefit to prospective students.

What makes a Certified School better than the rest?

It's simple. Our team of industry professionals, educators and advisory board review each and every school. Schools can't simply pay for the certification, it must be earned.

When reviewing schools, our review panel considers many factors including:

  • graduate acceptance rates
  • quality of facilities and resources
  • up-to-date software and curriculum
  • planned software development and training for staff
  • feedback from alumni and their success stories
  • range of courses and fee structures
  • relationship with industry representatives and networking
  • reputation of studios that hire graduates
  • quality of student work across all years

How do I find a Certified School?

The easiest way to find a Rookies Certified School is to look for the yellow badge when on our platform. To help make things easier you can also follow this link to view all our recent Rookies Certified Schools.‌

Apply for Certification

With so many amazing schools out there we are sure there are schools we are missing from our accreditation. To apply for Rookies Certified Schools please contact our team via [email protected].

Do you need professional advice on where to study?

The Rookies has partnered with Mozaik Play - a student placement organization - that can assist you with: Choosing the right digital media colleges and course, full application process support, Visa application assistance and also financial payment advice.

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