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Our industry connections and emphasis on experience make our graduates among the most employable in the UK. A leading university for digital technologies, we are always building on our proud computing heritage and strong reputation for computer games courses.

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We are the Connected University. We’re connected to the needs of our students, to business and to society. Our city campus in Stoke-on-Trent is the University’s nerve centre. We deliver world class healthcare education at our specialist Centres of Excellence in Stafford and Shrewsbury. And a global network of more than 20,000 people study our degrees internationally. Our industry connections and emphasis on experience make our graduates among the most employable in the UK. A leading university for digital technologies, we are always building on our proud computing heritage and strong reputation for computer games courses. Our gold award in the 2019 Teaching Excellence Framework recognises excellent standards of learning and teaching, while 78 per cent of our research is world leading or of international importance (Research Excellence Framework 2014). Our interdisciplinary network of research centres drive the publication of hundreds of papers each year.

At Staffordshire University, connections can take you anywhere. Our values are to be ambitious and inspirational, brilliant and friendly, curious and daring.

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Our BA (Hons) Animation course will transform you into one of these creators in industry, focusing on the development of character animation skills, while being supported by core competencies and collaborative skills. If you are drawn to the thought of giving life to inanimate objects using 2D, 3D, Computer Games and Stop Motion animation - this course is for you.

As a University, we are focused on employability, and our animation course is no different. During the course you’ll develop a professional showreel and portfolio that is in-line with both your own personal style and current industry needs and expectations.

Your first year of study will work on a variety of skills, while building a theoretical knowledge of animation, story art, asset creation, drawing and design. In the second and third years of the course, you’ll be encouraged to individually tailor the course to your own needs by selecting from key specialist modules, depending on your personal and career interests. You'll have access to industry standard animation software and equipment in support of your chosen specialism, with the majority of your time working in our professional animation studios and post-production facilities

Augmented and Virtual Realities

Specialise in the design and development of worlds and create interactive experiences in augmented reality.

Step into a digital universe on our Augmented and Virtual Realities course. Acquire the skills and work experience you need to be successful in a growing market, using a combination of professional-grade facilities, live project work, and exposure to award-winning companies.

You'll learn in facilities with the latest technology, just like you would find in industry. You'll have a dedicated motion capture studio, high-end computers and software specifically for games creation at your disposal. We also have PlayStation developer kits and virtual reality equipment, like the HTC Vive and Oculus available for you to use.

Art & Design

Prepare for success in the creative industries on our art and design undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Feed your passion for the arts at Staffordshire University, where you'll learn in a supportive and professional workshop and studio environment. Whatever course you choose, we provide plenty of hands-on project work and the chance to explore your abilities, ready for your future career.

You can choose to specialise in various modern and popular forms of art and design. There’s room for all interests, whether you’re looking to design and publish your own comics, display your photography and fine art creations in a gallery, or design the products and transport of the future. All our courses go the extra mile through combining technical expertise, with professionally experienced guidance, and the latest in software and facilities. What’s more, we don’t just stop at giving you theoretical and practical skills, you’ll have practise in advertising and marketing your products too.

Games Design, Production and Programming

Do you want to learn about games development and technical games programming?

Our courses are suited to those who aspire to work in all areas of games programming, including AAA studios, indie games studios and mobile games development. They are also good preparation for a career as a software developer in the wider computing industry.

Our programming courses will give you experience programming with cutting edge low-level APIs such as DirectX and OpenGL, as well as hands-on experience with industry hardware such as the Sony PlayStation 4. This popular low-level award aims to produce graduates with cutting edge skills. Graduates have gone on to work for Rockstar

Our development courses focus on programming using existing industry standard games engines such as Unity and the UDK. You will learn how to program at a professional level and will get a wealth of experience using the same systems that many games companies use to develop games for a range of platforms such as PC, PS4 and mobile.

Games Arts and Visual Effects

Experience the whole film, visual effects and games concept process - from filming live action to creating 3D digital effects and virtual gaming environments.

Our VFX courses give you the opportunity to experience a collection of disciplines, preparing you for the wide range of careers available in this field, from technical subjects like scripting and simulation, to the more artistic digital arts and motion graphics. We believe in giving you a strong underpinning in core technical skills, building upon this skill set and supporting you in finding your own individual niche.

In our games art courses, you’ll study 3D modelling, digital sculpting, texturing, observational drawing and character design. You’ll also learn how to apply the fundamentals of art and design theory and contextual art studies to your practical art skill development.

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