Onboarding - Interested in Portfolios

Onboarding - Interested in Portfolios

Looking for a free place to share your work online with other artists?

This is where we tell you that you've come to the right place and there is simply no better place anywhere to share your work. The fact is, there are loads of online portfolios out there all wanting you to share you work. We get that, but we are more about the community that the portfolio. We want you to enjoy sharing your work with a community of non-professional artists who are all passionate about becoming better artists.

This is why we built The Rookies, we want to help as many people not only share their creations, but to feel supported by other artists at the same level as you are. Our community is full of hobbyists, aspiring artists wanting to do this for a living, students up to their neck in projects, and people dabbling with all the cool software out there.

If this sounds like you, then we recommend you start sharing your work with a portfolio at The Rookies.

100% free for aspiring artists

Showcase your best work

The Rookies provides you with a slick portfolio to showcase your work to the world. It's more than a standard portfolio that other sites offer, it's a resume and record of all your achievements. The custom built application allows you to upload everything you need: images, videos, galleries, process view ™, Sketchfab viewer, formatted text and even GitHub repositories for your code.

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The Rookies - Portfolio Example
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Only we have Process View™

Digital media projects are complicated to show the true process behind the finished renders. This is why we created Process View™ which is designed to allow users to "scrub" between up-to 5 different images. Check out an example here. (Look for the yellow slider bar)

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Follow along with Play by Play

We know everyone loves a good forum to share their work and allow people to follow along with updates. This is why you have two choices when creating a project: Standard or Play by Play. Choose Play by Play and keep adding updates to your projects as they become ready.

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Achievents and Badges

Everyone needs a little encouragement, and who doesn't love a good badge or certificate. We have these fully integrated into our platform and award these to our members regularly. Members can then use these to show of their profile page and social media channels.

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Lighting speed and mobile ready

It's no good having a great portfolio if no one can see it! This is why our team has optimised the delivery of member portfolios using a cloud based content delivery network that has been configured for both desktop and mobile viewing.

Need some help getting started?

To help you get started we've put together a detailed video that runs you through the entire process of adding projects which will appear on your portfolio page.

Here are a bunch of helpful link it's our Helpdesk that you can check out:

What is a Play by Play project?

What is a Process View, and how do I add one to my project?

How do I embed a code viewer in my project?

How do I embed a 3D Viewer in my project?

How do I edit the list of skills on my profile page?

How do I delete a project?

I worked on a team project, how do I invite collaborators?

Still need some help?

The quickest way to get help is to use our live chat system. Click the Live Chat button located in the footer of every page on Discover and the Main Site. This will launch a small yellow chat interface bottom-right of the page. Add your comment in there and let us help!