This week your drill is to create a favourite toy from your childhood using any of your preferred art supplies, software and workflows. Then tag it #RookiesWeeklyDrills and #KidsToy.

To get some feedback on your work-in-progress project before you submit it, head over to Discord channel and chat with other artists having a crack. To see all the Weekly Drill projects just follow this link.


  • Use your favorite art supplies, software and workflow.
  • Only submit work created during this week.
  • Submit as many entries as you want.
  • You can use concept art, models, textures and other assets and include it in your project. However, make sure to credit the artist by linking to their work and explain exactly what you created.
  • You must tag your project with #RookiesWeeklyDrills and #KidsToy.
  • Submission open Friday, April 10, 2020  (approx. 10am GMT/UTC)
  • Submission close Friday, April 17, 2020 (approx. 10am GMT/UTC)


Creative Director Justin Mohlman will evaluate entries and select a winner based on quality, creativity, and adherence to the challenge theme.


  • Official Weekly Drills Achievement badge to show off on your profile page.

Enter Now

To enter this Weekly Drill, simple create a project for your portfolio and tag it. Remember, keep these drills loose and stress-free. This drill is about growing our digital skills, together, as a community.

Create Weekly Drill Project


Justin has selected his top three entries for this Weekly Drill. He based his selection on the following: Subject Matter, Skill Showcase, Presentation, Would I Play with this.


Lego StarWars - Hoth
This is my entry for the Weekly Drills 002 - #KidsToy. This is my first time doing a paint over and some photo bashing a 3d render. Pretty pleased with how it came out. Used a still from Battlefront as reference.

Second Place

#WeeklyDrills 002 - Lego Joel
For the second #WeeklyDrills I decided to model a Lego minifigure. I was inspired by Adam J. Middelton’s artwork The hair was sculpted in zBrush, the modeling and rendering done with Maya/Arnold and the texturing with Affinity Photo.

Third Place

Weekly Drill, kids Toy
First weekly drill - a kids toy : Playmobil Wandering for the summer and to get outside again!


How many entries can I submit?
As many as you want.

How do I tag my project?
During Step 2 of the project building process, you will see a tag input field in the right column under your project title and description input fields. Note: Do not include  "#" with your tag (eg: #RookiesWeeklyDrills), the tool already handles that for you. See below for example.

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