Weekly Drills 050 - #FortniteBackBling

Weekly Drills 050 - #FortniteBackBling

This week is a massive milestone for everyone who has been participating in Weekly Drills. With nearly a year of drills under our belts now, we thought our 50th should be something a bit more special.

This week is a massive milestone for everyone who has been participating in Weekly Drills. With nearly a year of drills under our belts, we thought our 50th drill should be something a bit special. Not only do we have a fancy prize this week, we also have a special guest judge from Epic Games that is currently working on Fortnite.

Firstly, I wanted to take a moment to give a big shout out to two industry legends that have been offering their time, support and advice. Without them, these drills wouldn't be what they are today:

  • Justin Mohlman - leading the charge with Weekly Drills, Justin is a Game Development Learning Producer for Epic Games with some serious AAA game titles under his belt.
  • Christina Ryan - an incredibly talented Look Development artists working at Rising Sun Pictures. Having worked on some epic blockbusters, her experience is a blessing to have involved with the drills.

The Drill

This week we are getting our Fortnite on, arguably the most popular game in the world, with millions of fans playing the game daily across multiple platforms.

Your drill is to design and create a Backpack, also known as back blings, for one of the 45 official characters that battle in this world. The design aspect of the brief is completely up for grabs, so go wild and create any type of backpack you want. When creating your backpack, make sure that it could drop perfectly into the stylised world of Fortnite. You are allowed to submit both 2D or 3D entries.

Tip: Choose one character and use this to influence the design. Use a variety of believable materials and make sure the style is undeniably Fortnite.

Reference & Inspiration: Check out these official fortnite backpacks to get inspired:  https://fortniteskins.net/backpacks/

Feedback: To get some feedback on your work-in-progress project before you submit it, head over to Discord channel and chat with other artists having a crack. To see all the Weekly Drill projects just follow this link.


One (1) winners will be selected by the judges and receive the following prizes:


  • You have 2 x weeks for this drill.
  • Submission close Sunday, April 5th, 2021
  • Use your favourite art supplies, software and workflow.
  • Only submit work created during this week.
  • Submit as many entries as you want.
  • You can use concept art, models, textures and other assets and include it in your project. However, make sure to credit the artist by linking to their work and explain exactly what you created.
  • You must tag your project with #RookiesWeeklyDrills and #FortniteBackBling


Justin Holt will be joining the review panel for this drill. He is a Senior Texture Artist at Epic Games currently working on Fortnite.

Justin Mohlman is our resident weekly drills judges from Epic Games.

Christina Ryan - an incredibly talented Look Development artists working at Rising Sun Pictures.

Together they will evaluate entries and select a winner based on quality, creativity, and adherence to the challenge theme.

Enter Now

To enter this Weekly Drill, simple create a project for your portfolio and tag it. Remember, keep these drills loose and stress-free. This drill is about growing our digital skills, together, as a community.

Create Weekly Drill Project


Fortnite BackBling - Barracuda - Weekly Drills | The Rookies
Hi everyone!This project is my entry for the 50th #RookiesWeeklyDrills that consisted in creating a #FortniteBackBling.The design of my backpack was inspired by the character Barracuda.This was my first time ever participating in a weekly drill and I sincerely had a blast doing it.I hope you enj…

Second Place

Back Bling Shaman Fortnite | The Rookies
Hi everyone! This is my first time joining the #RookiesWeeklyDrills. I tried to create a #FortniteBackBling for the Shaman character. I took inspiration for my model from Anastas Avietisova’s concept. #RookiesWeeklyDrills#FortniteBackBling

Third Place

Weekly Drills 050 - Fortnite Witchy Back Bling | The Rookies
Inspired by the Nightwitch, Shaman, and halloween skins, a new back bling to add! Super fun to make this, and a good stylized texturing practice for me. This backpack is a must have if you’re into scaring people, foraging mushrooms, and other witchy hobbies:) Modeled (Maya) ,Tex (SSP 2K) and fitted …


How many entries can I submit?

As many as you want.

How do I tag my project?

During Step 2 of the project building process, you will see a tag input field in the right column under your project title and description input fields. Note: Do not include  "#" with your tag, the app already handles that for you. See below for example.