Top 10 ZBrush projects in July 2019

Top 10 ZBrush projects in July 2019

Gathered from projects submitted to The Rookies, these are the most popular projects as voted by the community!

Gathered from projects submitted to The Rookies, these are the most popular projects as voted by the community!

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Cancericatus Fluvialitis by Roberto Digiglio

I recently went to the beach and inspired by the animals I met, I created this cute guy (whose scientific name is Cancericatus Fluvialitis). I'm using it to study some advanced texturing and rendering techniques to improve my concepts without taking too long.

Tea time by Gustavo Grazziano

I've just finished this personal project. My goal was to make an asset in which I could learn more about the zBrush. I've used the zBrush to sculpt the details on the teapot and create the texture of the teapot and the cups (in the background). Hope you like it!

dragon bust by Arash Hadavi

it was one of my favorite assignments at Think Tank Training Center , I really learned a lot during this 3 weeks ,and here is the final result.


Captain America by Parth Shah

This was my first full portrait with textures.

Tundra-aka Logan by Zachery Ashton

Tundra is a warrior based in norse culture wielding an axe and traveling the country side on his own. This project was so much fun and I pushed it as far as i could with what i know. I am very proud to present this character to everyone. Sculpting was done in zbrush as well as projecting Texture xyz maps. I used Marvel

Young Master Yoda by Andrea Savchenko

What Yoda might have looked like when he was young. 
Made for a 3-week creature sculpt assignment at Think Tank, this 3D render is based on a concept by Marco Teixeira.

Grihi The tarsier by Timothe Ballan

2nd year school project at ESMA Montpellier First time dealing with grooming, it was a true pleasure to work on a character like that. I had completely borrow the posing of the awesome Gollum Sideshow figure. Thank you to Sacha Gosselin for his good advices !

Randall by Cynthia Desmeules

Hi! This is a character I made around the end of 2018 at my school. I made an upgrade because I wanted to give him the pose of my reference. I hope you like!

Head Variant - Cold Comfort by Daniel Schwarz

I am going to update this project as I make progress with the 5th civilian/zombie for the game Cold Comfort. This is just the civilian head. Next is the zombie version - hair - clothes.