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 Hong Kong

After finishing secondary school I was deciding what path I wanted to go down. I realised I had neglected my creative passions for most of my education in order to focus on academics. I started research into art and concept design, mostly pertaining to video-games, as I had an interest in that field and I believed that there was a lot of interesting things to explore visually when it came to this medium. I came to realise that this was a viable career path and I decided I would follow this path.

My dream companies are Netherrealm studios, CD Projekt Red and Riot Games. I also hope to start my own company and make my own games

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Growing up, my art was mainly influenced by anime, cartoons, videogames and comics. Illustration is something I've always enjoyed, and over the years I realised creating content for games, comics or any entertainment related industry is what I wanted to do for the rest of my career. A lot of artists in the industry inspire me as well, and the passion and dedication to their craft is something that keeps motivating me to constantly improve and work towards my goals.

I'd like to work with Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Naughty Dog... I want to work on projects that inspired me to create art.

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Since I was a kid I liked to draw my own comic books, write stories and create characters. Years later I began to study in an Art and Design College Degree, and a few months later I decided to change of specialty and go for the things that I really like, like art for videogames and movies, illustration, animation and character design in an another College Degree focused in Art and Digital Production for Videogames and Movies in Barcelona.

Work in a studio developing videogames, movies or TV series. I love everything that involves entertain people and create unique experiences

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I have always been a visual person, after studying architecture I realised that I would love to tell stories visually. Growing up with animations & movies it became clear to me that these are the art forms that I want to follow.

I'm aiming to become an art director.

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I first realise that I wanted to work in the creative media, when I understood that all the "normals" paths that your parents or your school try to put you into were not where I belong to. All the stories and worlds I have in my head can only come out with drawings. So I decided to follow this way.

I want to tell stories as a concept artist.

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 United States

I created my 1st cartoon series at age 12. After bad advice while studying animation at MICA I spent years as a Creative Director in Advertising directing tv commercials. At the same time I was writing books for young readers. It's here where I reconnected with my 1st love, characters & storytelling. Now, I'm looking to join a team of artists driven by challenge, fueled by passion and who push innovation to create incredible worlds & characters.

I'll sculpt anything from a napkin to a full figure as long as the team I'm a part of is dedicated to the goal of creating awesomeness.

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 United States

Art is the love of my life. I’ve been in tune with my creative side for as long as I remember but when I was around 11 years old, I started really taking on my art as something I want to do for the rest of my life. Coming from a family of workaholics, I thought if I’m going to put a chunk of my life, energy, and heart into a professional career, it should be something that I can passionately put a great deal of time and effort in.

My career goal is to successfully create a balance between financial necessity and artistic passion through networking and talent.

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creature designer , 3d modeller

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 United Kingdom

Actually a bit before choosing my university course. I have always viewed arts as something I can't get into, but gave myself a chance to try to make art for games. I have enjoyed playing games for years, so making them would be definitely something interesting and different.

For now to learn, and get better at what I do. I also would like to see how it is to work in a games studio.

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 United States

I knew I wanted to work in the game development industry since I was 11 years old. But growing up on a small island in the Caribbean with limited artistic and technological opportunities I never knew how are where I'd start to learn. I was lucky enough to travel to America to study and now dreams seem to be more achievable.

My career goal is to be a texture artist or environment artist.

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