Choosing the wrong Art School could could cost more than you think

Choosing the wrong Art School could could cost more than you think

The Rookies' spend a lot of time helping artists find the right training to help them with their career goals. With so many options out there, it's a huge decision that can be daunting, confusing, scary, and very costly. Choosing the wrong art school is the difference between lauching your career, or ending up doing something you're not passionate about.

I regularly hear from young artists who chose a course that failed them. They gave up on their dreams and moved onto other careers. All they did wrong was pick the wrong schoool. They chose a course that taught the wrong software, had unqualified lecturers and the school lacked industry connections. These artists are now out of time, have no money left and their skills are not even at the level required for an entry-level job.

I hate seeing this happen. Sadly, there are schools still out there overcharging, underdelivering, and not preparing students for jobs. This is why The Rookies have worked hard to showcase the best art schools around the world and regularly offer advice to artists in our blog. Our team has travelled the world, visiting schools first hand to see those worth the money and those that should be avoided. We have even introduced Rookies Certified Schools, an invite-only directory of the best art schools in the world. But it isn't enough.

Last year our support channels started to feel more like counselling sessions and our team became overwhelmed offering personalised advice to everyone about this stressful decision.

Thankfully we found a solution. That solution is a partnership with a company capable of taking our support and counselling services to the next level. More on our amazing partner in a minute!

Firstly, I want to share our first official feedback from a young artist named Keisha. She recently accepted a graduate diploma placement at Gnomon - called "the MIT of visual effects" by Fast Company magazine.

"The wonderful woman I spoke with was extremely professional, friendly, and clearly knew what she was talking about. She had personally visited nearly all of the visual effects schools that I was considering attending, and gave me anunbiased and concise description of the campuses, quality of student work, and what kinds of programs were available.

I also received alot of useful practical advice. At no point did I feel pressured towards any specific direction, but that the person I was talking to genuinely wanted to find the best option for me with all of my various personal restrictions and requirements.

It was extraordinarily helpful to finally talk to someone more professional who I could bounce all of my important stressful college decisions off of on an individual level.

It’s honestly hard to believe I received such quality help for free. Even if you are a little unsure about where or what you wold like to do, I highly recommend talking to these wonderful people. :) "

To me, this testimonial means we made the right decision. It means we are on the right path to help even more artists like you. The only problem we have now is people feel the service is too good to be true.

When a service or product is free, you expect there to be a catch. It's like when they offer a free set of steak knives on a shopping network show. Sure they are free, but you have to spend loads of money on a product you didn't even need in the first place. This is not the case for our service because approved schools actually pay all the fees for you to get support.

If you want to pursue a creative career, or are thinking about it, I encourage you to follow the link below to learn about our partner service. With 15 offices around the world, the team can assist you in person, or on the phone with selecting the right course, submitting visa and insurance documentations, book travel arrangements, help you find accommodation and make your first day less daunting by providing an arrival welcome pack.

Why would you risk making such a big decision on your own? Follow the link below and see how we can help you.

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