The Rookies YouTube Channel features the best animated short films, visual effects short films, game trailer and behind the scenes content that's been uploaded to the main website. This month we are going to share our five favourites for February, starting off with...

CGI 3D Artist Demo Reel by Tung Wu

Created at Gnomon, this video his is based on a concept art "Cablers" by Simon Stålenhag. I really like Simon's mech designs and the way he tells a story with them. This piece especially, really compelled me to make a CGI shot from it. So I wanted to recreate the image and do my own interpretation of it.

CGI & VFX Breakdown: "Unknown" - by ArtFX

A graduation film by ArtFX - Pr. John Becker et Dr. Nick Harmon, two dedicated and passionated scientists, will discover the mysteries of a cave, light years away from Earth, that is capable of supporting life

Award Winning - CGI 3D Animated Short: "Pulse" by Supinfocom Rubika

Jonas, an incredibly sensitive boy from a nordic fisherman village comes across a huge dead whale on a beach, harpooned from every side. From now on, his vision of the world can never be the same.

CGI 3D Animated Short: "Godspeed" - by Sunny Wai Yan Chan

This film is about family and is heavily inspired by my childhood experiences. This is what I wanted to achieve – a simple story that is emotionally amplified through the eyes of the child protagonist because saying goodbye to his mother matters to him a lot.

CGI 3D Animated Short: "BOUND" by Gobelins

A brother's quarrel leads a kid to enroll an underground fighting club match, their relationship will tear apart unless both learn to respect each other. Graduation Short film by 5 Co-Directors, Gobelins l'École de l'Image 2018.

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