Autodesk Maya is a popular choice for artists to unleash their 3d powers. It's also one of the most popular software titles used by large production studios so it's a great skills to have in your arsenal. Here are some impressive examples of projects created by members of The Rookies in August.

Download Maya Free Trial | Maya 2020 | Autodesk
Download a free trial of Maya 2020. Learn how to use Autodesk’s 3D computer animation software with free Maya tutorials and learning resources.

The golden necklace byKarin Wolf

That's a necklace made in an Indian style. For this project, I challenged myself with the difficulty of ornaments and jewels.

Lilith byJonathan Aceituno Fuentes

Character Sculpt inspired by Diablo IV "Lilith"

Ravager byTadeo Marines

This project started as a Demon bust excercise, but I try to make a complete piece and then to improve my knowledge with Arnold and it's shaders. So this is the result and I hope you like it.

Cosmograph Daytona Watch bySierra Emmerson

For this project I wanted to try and create a realistic watch that could be used for advertisements. I used Autodesk Maya for modelling, Substance painter for textures and Marmoset for lighting and rendering. I also used Adobe Illustrator for alpha masks and Photoshop for more rendering.

2020 Spring portfolio for Environment Concept Art byJiying Zhao

Environment portfolio,most of the artworks come from school homeworks

2020 Spring portfolio for Character Concept Art byJiying Zhao

most of these come from school homeworks, the others are personal project for fun and exercise

Nameless team project byMinhyeong Heo

#Chracter Modeling - Minhyeong Heo #Environment Modeling - Minhyeong Heo, Daeun Jeong, Laurie Gautier

Hulkbuster bySamuel Solla Malheiro

Texturing, LookDev and Compositing Project.

The Star Wanderer byVittorio Quartini

Hello! This is my first original character ever published. Hope you like it.

Spiny Spooner Crab byErika Madsen

A short project to better understand organic modeling, sculpting, and texturing, while also learning the fundamentals of grooming.

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