Set reality aside with these trending fantasy artworks

Set reality aside with these trending fantasy artworks

Take a flight of fancy and get lost in some recent fantasy art pictures created by our members during the last few months. Depicting creatures of myth and legend, far away castles, magical beings and dreamlike fields and forests, put reality aside and be inspired

Take a flight of fancy and get lost in some recent fantasy art pictures created by our members during the last few months. Depicting creatures of myth and legend, far away castles, magical beings and dreamlike fields and forests, put reality aside and be inspired.

Which one is your favourite?

The Forbidden Swamp by Thomas Mew

This environment was completed from concept to completion in 4 weeks as a personal project to brush up on some skills over my summer break before going back to university. I wanted to use this project to dive into ZBrush for the first time, as well as having a more direct focus on optimization than my previous work.

Satyress. by Kasita Wonowidjojo

Satyress is a creature inspired by the artwork of Victor Quaresma with the same title.

Skathi The Winter Guide by Leonardo Varas

Hello! This is Skathi, named after a Norse Jotunn Goddes associated with winter. I am responsible for every aspect of her, from concept to final render. This character is a continuation of sorts for another character i made a few months ago.

A Hobbit Hole by Adam Rzatkowski

An adaptation of my earlier concept. This was a turning point, and a work that tipped the scales from hobby to working towards a career. I relied on megascans and substance for textures and vegetation.

Fantasy Character Project by ArtPatma

CG Spectrum - Advanced 3D Modeling Diploma Term 1 Project Original concept by Dhinko

Mielikki, The Forest Spirit by Leonardo Varas

This is an original, realtime character that i had so much fun creating, from its earliest concept to the final renders, it was a huge learning experience and i am very poud of the work i have produced, hope you like it! All textures were hand painted. (Oct 2019)

The Doll Princess by Court Guillaume

Personal project based on the amazing 2D concept of Jon Cameron Li.

House Environment Unreal Engine by Lauro Gutierrez by Lauro Gutierrez Barragan

This is a WIP for my class in Vertex School. I'll update the post as I go. I don't tend to do realistic stuff so it's becoming a real challenge for me. Thanks to Kevin Douglas for the tips and for guidance throughout the making of the project. Amazing concept art by Esteban M. Mo

Stark Helmet by Francisco Vegas Molina

Stark Helmet 🐺 This is a very complicated design, viking style inspired but with several details that makes it more special. First, it is a northern warrior helmet, so It could not be too heavy or metal excessy covered. Then, it belongs to a great house, but a northern house (same that prefers iron crowns than the gol

Witch's cabin by Leo Sebastian Stalgrim

Interior of a witch's cabin. A design I developed in my year at FZD school of Design.

GHOST RIDER by suthartanay

Ghost Rider Pyro is fully procedural and i tried both things out (shelf tools and from Scratch also) • Houdini - Nuke - Maya - Substance - Zbrush - Photoshop Motion capture by mixamo Responsible for everything except jacket modeling

God Of War Fan art by Luca Tietto

Fan art of the temple environment of God Of War.

Lidérc - Hungarian Vampire by Maxim Chenel

3D artwork based on an illustration from the artist Johan Egerkrans, taken from his book "The Undead"

Kyoko by Leonardo Varas

Hey everyone! this is Kyoko, a game ready character made as a personal project. I came up with her from concepting through modelling, retopology, texturing all the way to rigging and rendering. She has 32k triangles, and 4 texture sets: Body (4k), Outfit (4k), Hair/Tail (2k) and Props (2k).

Magic Spikes (Reworked) - UE4 VFX by Thomas Hutchinson

In Janurary I created my first ever realtime effect and submitted it to the Search For A Star competition (VFX category), for the past month I've decided to use my quarantine time to rework my submission to see how much I've improved so far this year.

Dark Agumon 3D Sculpt by James SIMON

My Dark Agumon and my first Zbrush sculpt Classic Agumon.

Baby Pegasus | Hercules, 1997 [3D Sculpt] by James SIMON

My take on a modern version of Baby Pegasus from Disney’s 1997 Hercules animated film. This had always been one of my favorite characters as a child. When I was young I had a McDonalds Baby Pegasus figure, but I lost it many years ago. This model was created with the intention of 3d printing via a resin printer.

Warrior Girl by Mohsen Esfandiar

Hi Finally the final rendering of my new character (Warrior Girl) is ready. the concept of this character is the work of one of my favorite artist (instagram : @mohsqi) My instagram : @mohsen_esfandiyar

Giovanni_Game Model by vahid barzanjeh

My last personal project for my portfolio Concept Artist: Adam Lee

Lelliana The Bard by Leonardo Varas

This is a comission where I had to create the model from a concept (concept by @olympist), texture it, rig it and create keyshapes (Visemes). The biggest challenge was creating something that sticked as close to the concept as possible while also making additions and improvements to really bring the character to life.

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