Insider's Guide - New3dge

Insider's Guide - New3dge

Winning the Rookies scholarship prize for my master at New3dge gave me the opportunity to specialise and grow as an artist, mentored by great professionals in the field.

Whether you’re already at school, looking to find a new school or even considering moving overseas to study, nothing beats hearing from the students themselves! We speak to Aly Farroukh about the ins and outs of studying at New3dge in Paris, France.

New3dge is born out of a passion for games and films, but also an understanding of the industry needs. Since our opening in 2010, we have mastered digital art education and taught proven techniques to many of our alumni who are now working in the video game and film industry across the world.

The Specifics

What’s the name of your school?


What’s the name of the neighbourhood?

15th arrondissement of Paris.

Closest train station or public transport option?

Subway station “Plaisance” and Tram station “Brancion.”

How long have you been there?

I’ve been there two years and now doing my masters.

Why did you choose to study here?

Winning the Rookie Awards scholarship prize for my master at New3dge gave me the opportunity to specialise and grow as an artist, mentored by great professionals in the field.

What course are you studying at New3dge?

3D animation & VFX.

Do you have any favourite teachers you’d like to give a shout out to?

I want to thank everybody in the administrative team for their great work and efforts to provide the students all that we need to learn, make connections and thrive in our industry. For every step in the production pipeline the school provided us professionals in the field. Every teacher we had, shared with us their knowledge and experiences in the industry.

As a character artist I really appreciated the courses given by artists I’ve always looked up to.

The Scene

The first thing you see when you walk outside your school?

A very nice and calm Parisian street.

The closest shop to outside your school is:

A restaurant.

Your school is great, but you would t mind a bit less:

Nothing actually comes to mind!

The unofficial uniform of your school is:

I would say “come as you are”.

A mandatory stop for anyone new to your city:

Paris is one of the greatest city in the world every corner hides something new. For a nice and chilled atmosphere I would recommend Rue Mouffetard.

A massive night out for students at your school is likely to be:

A night at a bar with everyone!

The Superlatives

You won’t find a better place to eat than at:

The school has a cafeteria that serves a lot of food choices.

The strangest thing you’ve ever seen at your school is:

Art students are usually doing wonderful and weird things!

One thing you’d never change about your school is:

The welcoming attitude for sure. As a foreigner I never felt different in any way.

But one thing you wouldn’t mind seeing changed is:

I’d love to see the school grow and have more space.

Someone gives you $1M to pimp out your school. You use it to:

Get really comfy chairs and spacious desks with monster towers and a bigger renderfarm.

Aly Farroukh is currently undertaking a masters at New3dge in VFX thanks to a scholarship from the Rookies. His passion in 3D stems from his curiosity about the world and enables him to understand it by recreating it.

You can find more of Aly's work on Instagram, Facebook and Artstation.