Top 50 ZBrush Projects created in 2020

Top 50 ZBrush Projects created in 2020

ZBrush sets the industry standard for digital sculpting and painting. Not only has it received an Academy Award for the technology that powers its incredible software, but it completely changed the creative industries as we know it now.

ZBrush sets the industry standard for digital sculpting and painting. Not only has it received an Academy Award for the technology that powers its incredible software, but it completely changed the creative industries as we know it now.

I still remember when ZBrush was released and it still blows me away today with it's continued advancements in tech and original concepts. For anyone interested in creating digital content this tool should be the top of your list.

The following list of projects (in order of ranking) are created by members of The Rookies and showcase exactly how ZBrush helps creators bring to life their ideas.

Its features enable you to use customizable brushes to shape, texture and paint virtual clay in a real-time environment that provides instant feedback. When you use ZBrush you'll be empowered by the same tools employed by film studios, game developers, toy/collectible makers, jewelry designers, automotive/aviation designers, illustrators, advertisers, scientists and other artists the world over.

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Anura - RPG Frog Game

Created by Dan Hill

An RPG experience set in a world inhabited by Frogs! From friendly frog folk to dangerous beasts, the Anura RPG Game project being developed by a team of Hertfordshire University students looks to offer an expansive RPG world with an amphibian theme.

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A Recreation of Lara Croft

Created by Joseph Liu

Please. enjoy this piece.

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Created by Laure Dhooge

3D interpretation of the concept 'The Oracle of the Forest' from Stella Chen Yui. The head was inspired by an illustration of Erika Worthylake. Blockout was made in 3ds Max, Zbrush was used for sculpting and polypainting. Extra layer of textures with Substance Painter. Renders were made with Arnold and Maya.

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Created by léa gaudin

Hi, this is my newest personal project, a creature I drew a few years back and I wanted to bring it to life.This is Léon, a little animal which lives in the forest and has trouble to move around. But predators beware ! He has poison touch wink.

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My Mobile Chinese Dumpling palace!

Created by Keelan Maclear

This is a seafood restaurant that serves dumplings, soup and sushi!, Coming soon to a city near you!:)This is for a schoolproject where we have to design,build, rig and animate our own tank or vehicle. This is mine. I am excited to see how it will eventually turn out! Right now i'm working on the rig and interior!

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The dragon girl (teasing)

Created by Charly Amani

Small teasing of a bigger personal Heroic fantasy project (with a dragon ) that I will post in the next months.I hope you like it and see you next time, stay tuned

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Obi-Wan Kenobi

Created by Daniel Goh

My first ever head sculpt I started when quarantine hit!

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Judy's Portrait

Created by Preetham Raj R

Here's an old woman's portrait I have made at Gnomon for Texturing class taught by Tran ma. Original Concept by me. Sculpted in Zbrush. Texturing XYZ scans are used for Albedo and Displacement Maps. Xgen for Hair. Tested VRScans for the first time on the cloth. Vray for rendering and Nuke for Compositing.

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2D to 3D Shark Guy

Created by Noah Williamson

3D model and render of a piece by Taran Fiddler.

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Hanbok Girl

Created by Michele Ahn

Im very proud to be Korean-American. I feel that this piece represents who I am. These days I’m especially proud of being korean because of how South Korea is handling the pandemic.Concept by Kim Hyun JungPlease everyone stay safe and stay at home as much as you can!

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Sci-fi Assault rifle

Created by Juan Guillen

I madet this weapon based on the concept by Elijah McNeal. I modelled it in 3DsMax and ZBrush then exported it to Substance for the texturing and rendered it Unreal Engine

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"The Fisherman"

Created by Javier Fúrquez Ezquibel

It is a story of struggle between two species from another world. For years, these bone fish the "GOLDOOM" have served as food for the entire town. The "KABURS" body full of huge scars is proof of the difficulty of his capture. Today "The Fisherman" will feed his family with the capture of his respected and dangerous a

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Created by ARGENTIERI Flore

This is my First animal study , I had wanted to make an elephant for a long time and it was a pretty big challenge for me especially for the texturing part which was a bit tricky .

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marsh Steel Inquisitor

Created by Simon de Payrebrune

This is marsh of the Mistborn trilogy.I loved to work on this project because you could get a bit creepy and scary.I want to thank Pascal Kuhn for the amazing model and concept, it was very nice to work with you.

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Red Train

Created by Houra Ershad

This is my Final project for the foundation term of Think tank training center. It is based on a beautiful and inspiring concept by Gosia Arska.Went through many challenges to get to this, But I'm really grateful to have the opportunity and to be connected to the community of many talented artists on Think tank.

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Stylised Street Market Oasis (UE4)

Created by Louis Sullivan

Search For A Star 2020 Environment Art Finalist! See the submission page here: by the vibrant bazaars of Turkey, you can expect to find all manner of trinkets and exotic spices in this dusty Arabian street market.

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Portrait of Christopher Lloyd

Created by Davide Sasselli

Realistic 3D Digital Portrait Hi Guys,This is my personal tribute to the actor that I loved when I was a child.On this project I pushed my limits on this model and I learned so much from this, about skin material sculpt ecc...It`s a study of portrait for the most done in Zbrush and rendered in Maya/Arnold.

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Caesar Snaps

Created by Deepak

This is of my favorite personal projects. The project totally took about 20 days and took about 6 days to render. Some of the LookDev process of Caesar. Sculpted in Zbrush, rigged and animated in Maya, Textured in Substance Painter, Groom and Rendering in Houdini using Arnold Renderer and compositing in Nuke.

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Created by Harinmani Venkata Kandala

Bulbasaur is my favorite pokemon since childhood and I felt really satisfied to create it in 3d. I took references from the detective Pikachu movie and the actual 2d concept and used both to create it.

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Assassins Creed Odyssey fan art- Realtime

Created by Jacob Brown

Check out more images and breakdowns on my artstation!:

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Sunda the Bounty Hunter

Created by Celia DeLago

My take on a 2D concept piece originally created by Ariel Perez 💖

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Created by Méline Pischedda

This is the really first time I tried to be realistic with the grooming of an animal.It was pretty hard to do the lion's mane, with all its randomness, but I loved trying to find solutions to get there!Sculpt in Zbrush - Texturing in Substance Painter - Groom with Yeti, Maya - Rendering With Arnold

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Created by Trym Roedder

Result of Mentorship at Think Tank Training Centre. My mentor is Kevin Meek (BioWare).

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Blair Morgan, The Flamboyant Renegade Raider

Created by Aaron Rugama García

Blair Morgan is a fanart/design character made for my Blizzard Internship submision!PLAY AS BLAIR NOW! entire game ready character that you could play with, along all his mechanics, background and storytelling, while also making it fit into the Overwatch universe.

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Digi Double

Created by Jérémy Fache

Here is my Digi Double.I used Photoscan for the modeling, then I improved it and added an expression with zBrush. I used Maya, Mari and Substance Painter, Renderman, Marvelous and finally Nuke and Photoshop.It was a really interesting project, I learned a lot ! Hope you'll enjoy !

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Created by Fabian Everaert

I was responsible for all aspects on this creature, starting with the design entirely until rendering. The goal for this project was to achieve a realistic result. This was also my first project using Mari, it was a great learning expierence and it was great to get used to the mari workflow.

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Created by Kasita Wonowidjojo

Satyress is a creature inspired by the artwork of Victor Quaresma with the same title.

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Gepetto's Workshop || Pinocchio scene

Created by Bavo Mispelaere

3D scene based on the original 2D animation Pinocchio, composition and lighting based on a painting.

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Sapphire the snow leopard

Created by Sophie Nippert

Here goes the last project of the second year at the ESMA school : the fur ball ! We had to design, model, and add fur on the animal of our choice. Meet Sapphire the snow leopard that's treated like a cat ! I did all aspects, and also got to discover Xgen for the first time; I enjoyed it !I hope you'll like it ! :)

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TAXI Driver - Fan Art

Created by stavros karagiannis

Hello all,Taxi Driver fan art, personal project. Based on the 1976 movie, Taxi Driver by Martin Scorsese, starring Robert Deniro as Travis Bickle.Skin detail was done by hand sculpting, custom alphas and TexturingXYZ alphas. Color maps were hand painted in ZBrush polypaint.Hope you like it.Thank you!

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Illa: Amazon Warrior

Created by Alvaro Saravia

Hey! I'm happy to share with you a project I've been working in lately. She is based on the incredible concept by talented Aveline Stokart ( had no name so I named her Illa, she is an amazon warrior facing the destruction of her environment, but she is determined to combat

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Mephiles The Dark

Created by Phuong Nguyen

3D model of Mephiles the Dark from Sonic The Hedgehog (2006).

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SEN - 3D Animated Short

Created by Maxim Gehricke

"SEN" is a short story about a small robot on a foreign planet, that deals with our perception of time and age.

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Created by Eli Hurst

Hi there,This character was made for my game character class at Gnomon. Most of the model was sculpted in ZBrush. The hardsurface modeling, retopo, rigging and animation was done in Maya. Texturing was done in Painter. Baking and rendering was done in Toolbag.

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Tikus the Swift

Created by Rui Rou Teo

An overall breakdown on Tikus the Swift, a jerboa mount for the Blizzard Student Art Contest 2020.

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Zombie Way of Life

Created by Rafael Mesquita

Hi guys,happy to show you my personal work! Inspired by a illustration from Paul Mafayon. This project was a great opportunity to improve my process at all stages of creating a character. Used Zbrush and Maya for modeling and retopology, Xgen for the hair and rendering was done with Vray.

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British Queen's Guard (Real-time)

Created by JANG YEON-U

Hello smiley First of all, thank you for watching my portfolio.I created a portfolio using various methods.BRAID ROPE was produced by modulating one piece of UV, and the fur of the guard's jacket was made by creating an ALPHA map.It was created using TEXTUREING XYZ and ZBRUSH's ZWARP to express the skin of the face.

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Mr. X Tyrant Fan Art

Created by Flavian Josca

This is a project I've worked on a few months ago, it's a fan art of Mr X (Super Tyrant) from Resident Evil 2. For this project, my objective is to learn the game character workflow and to learn about topology for game character while staying true to the source material.

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Mecha Lucario

Created by JOU

A personal hardsurface fan art

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Stylized Skull

Created by Nathan Maes

Quick project from scratch sculpt and texturing inspired by Sea of Thieves Style.

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Young Sully Room

Created by Vinicius Tokue

Heyo peeps! This project was supposed to be a quick one, to test groombear tool ( but i decided to push it forward and tryied to study some storytelling. Well this is the Young Sullivan room, in 1989 when he had one year and just won a junior scare contest =).Its based on an Series from

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Arsen Asyrankulov's original concept 'Monk' - Game Model

Created by Yisu Zhang

This is my Final Project from Think Tank Training Centre. This is a game model for Arsen Asyrankulov's original concept 'Monk'.

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Darkspear Troll

Created by Victor Beltran

Hi Guys!I have been working on this project for some time now,The first 2 renders are straight fro UE4 all the others come from Marmoset toolbag,Hope you like it!

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Stendebach Model 1936

Created by Erika Madsen

The Stendebach Model 1936 Rifle is a small project completed during my time at Think Tank Training Centre.I am excited to be able to share it, and hope that you enjoy!

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2D to 3D Teeth

Created by Noah Williamson

2D to 3D of this awesome piece by@BoonDrawsNSFW / @BoonDraws on twitter

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Steampunk Survivor

Created by Khaled Osama Sabry

Steampunk Survivor... My final project for the Advanced-term (Asset Creation for Film) at ThinkTank training center.Based on a concept by Siwoo Kim.Special thanks to my supervisors Raffael Frank, Marco Menco and my classmates.

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Created by Ilai Perez

Original concept - is co-op project I did during quarantine with the amazing concept artist Aya Maaravicheck out her art -

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Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Created by Kevin Huang

Like everyone during quarantine, we finished watching Avatar.And decided to make Aang :)First 3 renders are from Keyshotthe last is off ZBrush

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Dr Fate Injustice 2

Created by Phuong Nguyen

Commissioned Dr Fate fan art diorama model. This draws heavy inspiration from Juan Pitluk's Dr Fate sculpt, with the key difference being the Injustice 2 outfit.

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