Digital fur and hair is complicated. Sure, there are amazing software solutions to help you achieve the basics, but it takes time to really level up these digital skills. Don't let this intimidate you as there are plenty of good tutorials out there. To help get you motivated, I've selected my favourite projects uploaded by our members.

Beagle Groom Study

Created by Thomas Fournillon

This is my second groom project I spent a lot of time solving bugs and discovering xgen's funny stuff. After these months I'm finally happy with my render next step will be an integration in a picture.

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Veteran Rover

Created by Jason Adicendana Tjahyadi

Semper Fi.. Hey everyone! I want to share with you my 4-week first-term final project over at Think Tank Training Centre. It has been an exciting experience to be surrounded by talented artists and mentored by exceptional lecturers and I can't wait for the next semester

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After the Rain

Created by The Wooly team

A shepherd dog lost his master who was a cloud maker and must learn to perpetuate his work to prevent the destruction of the life cycle.

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Created by Ana Catarina Pinheiro

Rufus - one of my characters for the final project of the course.

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Created by Angèle Lopez

Second year school project - all aspects. We had to create a concept of a mammal, then adapt it with 3D. It was intended to have us a first approach of fur. Here is the proud comrad Niepoutievyi-II.

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Dog Detective

Created by Alvaro Aguilar

Dog Detective - Álvaro Aguilar ~ I present my proyect based on one of the @carrececile concept arts. I thought it was a great idea to recreate some of their character in 3D using my knowledge learned during the organic modeling master in @lightboxacademy

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Created by Simone Kousol-Graham

Meet your new best friend, Wormdog! This is my 3D animated film produced from February to August of this year. All aspects of the film were done by me with the exception of music, which was done by Tomáš Andel! Thanks to my instructors, friends and family for all their support.

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Shiro to Aka

Created by Ana Belén Negrete Jácome

School Project: Stylized Fur // Sculpting done in ZBrush, Retopology in Maya, Grooming with X-Gen, Texturing in Mudbox and Photoshop, Rendering done with Renderman// These are all rough renders, no compositing // Inspired by Japanese Folklore and the Okami video game.

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Dog Leg Rig Demo

Created by Oksannah Zoude

Hi, this is a rig I made for Fresh Lobster a shortmovie Hope you like it

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