Get to Know Distinguished Architectural Visualisation Company, 2G Studio

Get to Know Distinguished Architectural Visualisation Company, 2G Studio

Reinaldo Handaya, Co-Founder of 2G Studio, is offering one lucky winner of the Rookie Awards 2021, a four week virtual mentorship. He sat with us to talk about what makes a successful Archviz business, and what he is looking for in an Artist. 

Architectural Visualisation company, 2G Studio, is a leader in the Indonesian 3D Visualisation Industry, working with local and global agencies for over a decade.  The team, led by Reinaldo Handaya, are currently working on several projects, one in particular called “Bali Kembali” which translates to “Bali is back”.  The aim of the project is to support a movement created by the Indonesian Government to promote Bali through Archviz, featuring famous local architects in Bali, throughout the campaign.

2G Studio is also offering a lucky winner of the Rookie Awards 2021, a four week virtual mentorship.

Reinaldo joined us to talk a bit about what makes a successful Archviz business, and what he is looking for in an Artist at 2G Studio.

What We Do

We primarily create Architectural Visualisations to help developers with marketing content, and architects to visualise their designs. We aim to alleviate the time burden of our clients having to create their own visualisations, when really the focus should be on crafting and working on their creative ideas. Our 3D Modelling department was assembled to help our clients do exactly that.

We also support other 3D companies as a sub-contractor, supporting their modelling and rendering team.

We choose to collaborate with 3D companies who hold similar values, which is primarily, a desire to build a long-term business relationship.

Who We Are

Our company consists of mostly millennials, most of them coming from vocational schools. In Indonesia, graduating from vocational schools makes it harder for one to find a job with a decent salary. So, we recruit them as part of our team and train them to be professional artists which in turn helps them to be better off financially as well as professionally.

For us family is first, and our team is part of our family. We help each other grow and encourage an environment of respect, inspiration and support.  

Apart from the 3D artists and technicians we have on board, we also have our own research and development team whose purpose is to learn new tools as well as teaching co-workers how to use them efficiently. We love working with companies that are open to learning new tools and growing as well.

The teams are divided into several departments which are: modelling, texturing, scene preparation, and lighting. By doing this, the artist can foster teamwork within their department, as well as learning how to support other departments to reach a common goal on a given project.

Our artists are also experts in leading software:

Supporting Artists and Professionals

We built a movement back in 2020 for Indonesia’s Archviz  industry called “AVIS.ID”, meaning Archviz Indonesia. Basically, we do free portfolio online reviews and a business & mindset talk every two weeks.

Why? Because as we all know, most artists focus on the technical side of rendering but fall short on the learnings about business. Many people aren't exposed to that side of 3D Artistry, and haven't necessarily fostered  a business or entrepreneurial mindset. We aim to start discussions around this side of 3D Archviz, so people become aware of the opportunities available with a broader skillset.

An Architalk is also held every week where we invite famous Indonesian Architects to share their experience in building their studios. These events aim to help younger architects to see things from another architect’s point of view.

We also run an academy called 2G Academy, with paid courses and free tutorials available for young artists who are struggling financially, but who are still wanting to learn how to make amazing renders for their portfolios. These artists can also ask questions of their mentors via online reviews.

We tell our students that “Practice makes permanent”, not perfection.

Coming from a business family I love learning about business, and I would love to see artists becoming more entrepreneurial, learning about marketing and branding, etc.

Bringing that expertise in house, means we can spend less resources on competition and more on collaboration.  

The Opportunity

We are looking for one lucky winner to (virtually) mentor from the Rookie Awards Archviz category. We will be offering a portfolio review and 4x 1 hour virtual mentorship session.

The program is in line with AVIS.ID, and will focus more on how to build your own Archviz business; looking at ways to self promote and survive and thrive by adapting.

I would love if the mentee prepared themselves by answering one question: “Why do you want to be in this industry?”  It’s not just about what you love or fast money, since money should never be a goal; money is only a result of what you do. I would also love questions related to branding and marketing instead of just the technical side of rendering.

Good Luck!

Reinaldo is the Co-Founder of 2G Studio, started in 2011 and fast becoming a leading Archviz company in Indonesia.

Learn more about the inspiring work 2G Studio are doing, via Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and their Website.

You can also access more information about 2G Academy via Instagram, Facebook and the Website.