Insider's Guide - Games Academy Falmouth University

Insider's Guide - Games Academy Falmouth University

Whether you’re already at school, looking to find a new school or even considering moving overseas to study, nothing beats hearing from the students themselves!

Whether you’re already at school, looking to find a new school or even considering moving overseas to study, nothing beats hearing from the students themselves! We speak to Kristel Konstantinova about the ins and outs of studying at Games Academy Falmouth University.

Games Academy Falmouth University
Games and creative computing are transforming how we experience the world and are driving the development of new technologies. Join us at the Games Academy to become part of this journey, learn from industry leaders and develop real products.

The Specifics

What’s the name of your school?

Falmouth University - Games Academy.

What’s the name of the neighbourhood?

Falmouth University is based in Falmouth and Penryn, Cornwall, England. The Games Academy is located near Penryn Campus.

Closest train station or public transport option?

When I first started, the accommodation I was living in was located in Falmouth. In order to get to Penryn Campus my choice of transport was by bus. The bus journey takes about 16 minutes to the Campus bus stops and the Games Academy is a short walking distance from there. Trains are also a very good option. The closest stop is Penryn Station which is a 17 minute walk to the Academy.

How long have you been there?

I started my studies in 2019 and now I am at the end of my second year.

Why did you choose to study here?

What made me come to Falmouth was how beautiful the place is. As a 3D Environment Artist I find inspiration from the environment surrounding me and when you are in a place like this finding inspiration is incredibly easy.

Moreover, I was greatly interested in the Game Art course and it’s modules, since it gives you the opportunity to try Environment, Character, and Concept Art before choosing one to specialise in.

The Scene

The first thing you see when you walk outside your school?

Penryn Campus is surrounded by green space there is a walled garden, fruit-producing orchard, Italian garden, 18th century lime avenue and the historic rare rhododendrons.

The closest shop to outside your school is:

Apart from the Campus Shop which is on Campus… obviously, the Games Academy is located right next to Asda Superstore. It is extremely convenient if you fancy grabbing a quick lunch or just going with your team as a group activity.

Your school is great, but you would t mind a bit less:

I wouldn’t mind a bit less hills haha. There are quite a few of them here.

The unofficial uniform of your school is:

Most definitely hoodies. Everybody loves hoodies… right?

A mandatory stop for anyone new to your city:

The first thing you do when you come to Falmouth is go Gyllyngvase Beach. Gylly Beach is such a beautiful place with an amazing atmosphere.

A massive night out for students at your school is likely to be:

Falmouth has a very different nightlife to other universities, it’s great for people who don’t really like the loud city nightlife and would much rather have a chill beach BBQ with friends. On the other hand there are many small pubs and clubs such as Mangos, and let's not forget Wetherspoons, of course.

The Superlatives

You won’t find a better place to eat than at:

If you are a burger fan The Meat Counter is THE place. They have the most delicious burgers and vegan menu as well.

If you fancy something sweet, Fuel has the best pancakes I’ve ever had… sorry grandma.

The strangest thing you’ve ever seen at your school is:

I remember leaving a workshop one day and seeing Llamas walking around Penryn Campus. Apparently it was a Llama Land Day and Llamas reduce stress. Best day ever!

One thing you’d never change about your school is:

The location! I still can’t believe I have the opportunity to study in such a beautiful place.

Tamagotchi by Kristel Konstantinova

But one thing you wouldn’t mind seeing changed is:

I wouldn’t mind seeing the bus ticket being £1 for a return, like it was before.

Someone gives you $1M to pimp out your school. You use it to:

I’ll use this $1M towards all clubs, societies and events.

Kristel hails originally from Bulgarian. She is in her 2nd year studying Art Game Development, and aspires to become a 3D Environment/Prop Artist. You can find more of her work here.