Top 20 Sketchfab 3D Models for 2021

Top 20 Sketchfab 3D Models for 2021

Members of The Rookies love using Sketchfab to showcase their 3D models. Dig into these Top 20 projects and get inspired to upload your own!

Sketchfab is empowering a new era of creativity by making it easy for anyone to publish and find 3D content online. With a community of millions of creators who have published millions of models, Sketchfab is clearly the largest platform for immersive and interactive 3D that we recommend you should be a part of.

Members of The Rookies love using Sketchfab to showcase their 3D models. Dig into these Top 20 projects and get inspired to upload your own!


Created by SadViscachaStudio

Arid is a gritty, open world survival experience that challenges players in surviving the most arid place in the world. This is a student project from third year students at Breda University of Applied Sciences. The current quality of work has been achieved in 18 weeks. The game is currently available on Steam.

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Collection of Environments and Props

Created by Silke Van Der Smissen

This is a collection of environments and props I made throughout the year. All ranging from September 2020 to now (April 2021). I have a huge love for visual storytelling, and hope that that carries through all of my projects. Feel free to let me know what you think!

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Yano Claeys - Entry 2021

Created by Yano Claeys

Hi there! I'm Yano Claeys, a 3D character artist with a passion for medieval and fantastical characters. I'm currently at the end of my second year at Howest DAE. Looking for an internship februari 2022. Hope you enjoy my work, Cheers!

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Stylized 3D Projects

Created by Meltem Özçelik

My personal work from the past 5-6 months. Ranging from characters, props and environments.

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My Props & Environment of 2021

Created by Mattias Van den Saffele

Hi Everyone! I am a last-year student from DAE located in Belgium, between all the lessons and my internship I managed to create some side projects. I Like to create these super realistic props and present them in a little scene to kinda showcase my work's quality and what's possible with them.

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Next-Gen game ready assets and environments

Created by Dennis Welling

This entry shows the projects I've worked on most recently. They illustrate my love for realism, games and the combination of both.

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Château d' Ardennes & Keppler Vintage Fan

Created by Adam Dencker

Hello, I'm Adam. I'm a Props & Environment Artist currently studying at The Game Assembly. Welcome to my entry for The Rookie Awards 2021! This year I chose to include 2 of my most recent projects from the past 7 months: "Château d' Ardennes" and the "Keppler Vintage Fan". Enjoy!

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My 3D Characters and Props

Created by Gia Han Lam

Hello! This is my entry for the Rookies 2021, I am currently a student aiming to become a Character Artist! Here are my characters and props, thank you for looking!

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Environments and Assets - Collection

Created by María Martínez

Welcome to my Rookies 2021 entry! In this post I would like to showcase the art projects I have been working on during the year 2020-2021.

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Props for realtime cinematics

Created by João Desager

Hey! I'm João, a second year student at Howest - Digital Arts and Entertainment. This is a collection of what I've been working on over the past 6 months.

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Plane Hangar - UE4 Environment

Created by Moreau Clément

Here I present you my work of the last 2 years at DAE Howest. My goal was to make a realistic environment to showcase my prop arts. It was rendered in real time, using Unreal Engine 4.25 raytracing features.

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Leo Newman's Digital artwork

Created by Leo Newman

This is all of my 3D work from the past year.

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3D Character Art for Games 2020/2021

Created by Tristan McGuire

Collection of game ready characters produced as both personal and university projects.

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Cozy 3D Scenes

Created by Margot Vandenbussche

Hello! my name Is Margot Vandenbussche, an 19 years old student from Belgium. Welcome to my Rookie Entry for this year! As a second year student I'm happy to show some of my projects from this year and last year. All these projects are made during my studies within DAE (Digital Arts & Entertainment), a wonderful school

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Stylized Character Models

Created by Alexander Cruz

2 models that I'd like to show off. I finished these characters quite recently and I am excited to show my artistic progress.

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FX Reel - Bernat Fibla

Created by Bernat Fibla

Hello to everyone ! This is my first FX reel, and also my first entry to the Rookies Awards.

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Of Zelda and Cats

Created by Catharina Broes

Hello there! My name is Catharina Broes, I am 20 years old and I'm a second year student at the Digital Arts and Entertainment. This year was my first experience using Zbrush and I wanted to get some insightful feedback from all kinds of people. Hope you enjoy!

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Created by Florent Boston

Shoot your astral arrow to solve the fascinating puzzles of a mysterious celestial world. In a calm and timeless atmosphere, reflection and concentration will be the keys to victory. An experience available in virtual reality!

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Jasper Moens

Created by jasper moens

Hey, I'm Jasper Moens, a 3D environment artist. Bringing my imagination to life is the best there is, I hope you enjoy my work.

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My journey at Animum Creativity Advanced School

Created by Juan Carlos Mesa Machín

Hello there! I'm currently studying a Master Degree in 3D Character Modelling at Animum Creativity Advanced School. We'll finish next October so I decided to drop here some of the works I've been creating for the last year. The latest ones aren't finished yet, although I'd like to show at least some WIP images.

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If you haven't done so already, head over to our friends at Sketchfab, check out their community and start uploading some of your own amazing models and bring them to life.

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