Maybe you’ve tried virtual reality technology that makes video game experiences more entertaining and impressive, or have seen how many retailers are using augmented reality to enhance online shopping experiences like furniture selection. But did you know that virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are evolving the workflows of engineers and designers with immersive experiences that help them do their jobs faster and more effectively?

Whether you are a remote group of students working on a final year project, or a team of Indie Developers burning the midnight oil on a new game feature, Teradici has the technology to bring AR/VR to your remote workflows.

Going beyond entertainment with VR and AR

Video game developers can use VR to instantly experience design changes they make in their game environments. Changes to the scene, interaction with characters, timing of sounds and motion are all perfected in iterative testing sequences. With VR, developers can view changes with tools like VR head-mounted displays to reach the desired functionality faster and ultimately create more immersive experiences for video game players. These amazing experiences are helping drive an industry that saw exponential growth over the last year and is now valued at nearly $200 billion.

In other spaces like architectural design, VR applications turn passive design models into interactive 3D design experiences. Clients can move from reviewing concepts on paper to immersing themselves in a virtual reproduction to get a better understanding of space, size and location of design elements. AR comes into play as well, as objects can be added or removed from scenes, or textures can be added to features, leading to more efficient decision-making while also improving communication between the architect and the client.

Teradici and NVIDIA collaborating to bring AR/VR to remote workflows

Built on NVIDIA RTX technology, NVIDIA CloudXR™ is an advanced streaming technology that delivers VR and AR across Ethernet, 5G or Wi-Fi networks. With NVIDIA CloudXR, users don’t need to be physically tethered to a high-performance computer to drive rich, immersive experiences. Instead, the software runs on virtual workstations with NVIDIA GPUs located in the cloud or on-premises, remotely delivering the advanced graphics performance needed for wireless virtual, augmented or mixed reality environments.

The combination of Teradici CAS with CloudXR brings the ability for a non-VR user to observe a VR session being served from highly secure, high-powered remote servers running graphics-intensive applications – a breakthrough for these specialized use cases. It’s inspiring to see how these collaborative VR and AR environments drive meaningful business improvements for our customers.

Greg Jones, XR Product Management

The considerable volume of intellectual property developed as part of video games and engineering design needs to be protected as well. And that’s where Teradici CAS adds value to these workflows. Our PCoIP technology keeps data secure in the cloud or data center and sends only encrypted pixels to the end user display. Teradici CAS offers not only increased security, but also the high-performance remote workstation UI for the CAD designer or content creator developing 3D content. Then add new Teradici CAS features like PCoIP Ultra AV-Lock to create a flawless visual experience with perfectly synchronized audio, in lock step with the VR user.

The NVIDIA CloudXR platform is available on Amazon EC2 G4dn instances that support NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPUs. NVIDIA CloudXR on Azure will be generally available later this year, with a private beta now available.

How to learn more

To learn more about the technical side of this solution, check out the blog from NVIDIA’s Will Cannady and Teradici’s Technical Alliance Architect, Chad Smith.

Originally posted here, by the team at Teradici.

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