Lauren Smith started drafting in CAD over 12 years ago for a small historic preservation architecture firm in New York City. After four years in architecture and no aspirations to become an architect, she found a new home in the Events Industry. Since then, she has been designing stages and environments for corporate events, with over 100 successful designs produced.

Lauren uses the latest visualisation technology, including Virtual Reality (VR), to bring client visions to life. Though experienced in other visualisation software, including Cinema 4D with V-Ray and advanced Vectorworks Rendering, she prefers the unique immersion VR provides. In 2017, Lauren founded Scenic Mentor, a free 3D & VR tutorial blog, to help other 3D CAD/BIM designers learn this valuable new tech.

As a designer who is constantly on the road,  Lauren Smith used to think that she had to choose between a lightweight, portable laptop and a huge, powerful rendering computer. Turns out, you can have both!

Here's a short video about her journey from a Macbook Pro to an MSi and finally to the Dell Precision 5750 workstation.

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